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Important points of owning your career success

Job Satisfaction

You must know that the only person in charge of your career success is YOU!

Here are a few tips that can help you in this regard:

1. Make a list of everything you are awesome at.

What are you known for?
What are your best skills?
What accomplishments are you most proud of?
What are your best qualities?

Know your brand. Consciously create your OWN brand.

2. Stop being reactive.

Waiting does not get results. Taking action does. Set up a meeting with your boss to discuss advancement opportunities Reach out to employees at your target companies and set up informational interviews. Follow up with the hiring staff after you have submitted your resume.

3. Make new career friends.

Focus your efforts on meeting new people within your industry and target companies. Start Conversations and build relationships with them.

4. Stop limiting yourself to the familiar.

Part of your new, proactive approach is to step out of your comfort zone. Remember, nothing will Change if you do not!

So be proactive, be confident and really know what you want.


Why career services offices are the most important place on campus

Career services office


One of the most important objectives of college is to assist and guide students in their search for the correct and successful career path, which hopefully will lead to a successful and prosperous future and career. It follows, then, that career services is the most important office on any campus.

Students who take advantage of career services on campus will be able gain access to an enormous amount of information, in turn, assist them in their search for a brighter future and set them on the correct career path. Career services offices provide students with priceless information and helps students to learn how to become the best possible marketable job candidates.


Internship and job listings

One of the most sought out services at any career services office is the access to information regarding internships and job opportunities. The job databases on campus is vital for every student in their search for work. From the get go, students should register with their local career services office and set up an appointment with a career counselor. Meeting with your career counselor periodically is vital for all students.


Career guidance

For those students who have no idea or drive for any specific career, career centers and counselors step in and assist. Career counselors have numerous tools and expertise at their disposal to help test and guide students. They also can assist when it comes to courses choices and curriculum planning.


Seminars on resumes and interview skills

Apart from the diploma students will receive when they graduate, all students must be able to write a good resume. There is a good chance that your career services office will run seminars and workshops on resume writing and interviewing skills on campus. These seminars will teach students about dress code, how to answer interview questions, and how to tailor their resume to specific job interviews. Knowledge of these basis skills is vital and is as important as any course they take.


Entry-level salary calculations

One of the biggest hurdles of college is the cost and how to pay for it. Students need to understand and have a realistic idea about their future income opportunities when electing to take out a students loan and the size of the loan. Students should research and discuss with their counselors realistic expectations for post-graduation salaries.


Mentorship opportunities from alumni

After all the courses and classes, students need to learn how to network. Networking helps to find a job after graduation or perhaps lead to an internship or shadow day opportunity. Joining your alumni can also help with references or potential job openings. Spending some time with a professional in your field and asking questions could lead to an internship and mentoring. Finding these type of opportunities are easier to find when the professional is fellow alumni. Mentors can answer all those question that are not in the textbooks.



Professional Career and Vocational Training Advice

Education and learning is truly a fundamental prerequisite for an individual to achieve success in daily life. There are several individuals who focus on vocational programs that provide  a considerable number of financially rewarding employment opportunities. Vocational education was created to acquire the essential skills necessary to carry out work, predominantly in technical career fields.

Each and every year, countless ambitious individuals attend a variety of technical schools, also referred to as vocational schools. A vocational school can be both a private or public institution which provides an assortment of qualifications and degrees in specific career sectors. Students have the option to attain a certificate, diploma or a degree, based on the career they choose as well as the college they decide to enroll in.



Vocational schools vary based on the number of courses they offer. Certain schools provide a a few options within a select number  vocation related career fields, while others schools are able to provide a variety of vocational oriented subject areas. Among the most well known topics and professions include things like accounting, business administration, cosmetology, hotel or restaurant management, nursing information technology along with fashion design. The classes are conducted by qualified professionals or possibly skilled professionals and assist the students to succeed in unique, selected vocations.

Individuals who have finished their high school or graduation are able to look for help and advice from professional career consultants and experts. Additionally, students can try to look for information and ideas on the internet.   Students are made aware of an assortment of career choices and alternatives, and obtain a significantly better understanding of the specific skills and knowledge necessary in fields they are interested in or occupations they would like to pursue.



You will find a number of professional career education facilities that offer the resources, including pamphlets, audiovisuals, electronic databases, software and magazines. This will assist students in coping with numerous tasks which includes  job search techniques, resumes, letter writing as well as academic test preparations. A number of centers carry out pre-employment tests to ascertain a candidate’s skill level and personality, to be able to evaluate whether candidate could possibly perform within a specific environment. There are several companies and organizations that provide professional career guidance and assistance to assist individuals to prepare themselves for their specific vocations in life.


Career counseling to help students make smarter decisions


In an effort to assist learners identify the ideal career paths based upon personal skills and abilities, the Gauteng Education Department has launched a career counselling and education programme for secondary schools.

Provincial Education MEC Barbara Creecy explained that the programme is specifically created for Grades 8 and 9 learners and brings about a combined effort from teachers, learners and their parents to collectively identify the career paths that best suit the learner’s individual abilities, interests and goals.

“We all know how important choosing a set of subjects in Grade 10 is for completing matric and pursuing an education or work opportunity, when you leave school. The programme focuses on empowering learners and parents to choose the right combination of subjects that will open opportunities after they leave school,” Creecy explained.

Creecy pointed out the fact that via schools, government offers options to determine a learner’s future by providing several services and interventions to make sure that they successfully develop and cultivate their potential, talents and skills which will allow them to choose a career path and achieve success post-schooling life.

The Education Department will also be offering learners in Grade 10 the alternative of choosing between completing a general National Senior Certificate or a Technical and Vocation National Senior Certificate. This is going to provide Grade 9 learners the option of going to an FET college to follow a vocational pathway or attending a technical high school to follow a rigorous maths, science and technological subject direction.


Gauteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy

Furthermore, the department is going to be providing supplementary education programmes on weekends and school holidays, to make sure that pupils are successful. The programme is focused on complementing the work carried out in schools by means of extra tuition and materials in 10 subjects, the location where the provincial failure rates are the highest.

She continued to spell out that the programmes also include things like digital and audio-visual materials, study guides and career education materials.

Creecy assured learners and parents that all levels of government is working with communities and families to ensure that it is achievable to obtain the best education.

“I expect you to get serious this year. I expect you to put your best effort into everything you do; I expect great things from each of you… so, don’t let us down. Do not let your family or your country or yourself down… make us all proud. I know you can do it,” Creecy encouraged the learners who attended the summit.


Creecy pointed out the fact that the 2012 Secondary School Improvement Programme (SSIP) programme had grown this past year, and was working with nearly 300 000 learners in Grades 8 to 12 and the number of schools had grown from 334 to 366.

Feedback coming from learners has been positive and they are excited about the impact the programme will have when it comes to career choices.

“They speak highly of the quality of teaching and the resources and generally see SSIP as making a difference to their mastery of content,” MEC Creecy said.

The department in addition has made available learning material to 73 independent schools and close to 4 000 teachers have already been given training.

The department has also allocated R140 million of the budget for the project this financial year. This will go towards tuition, study resources, catering and transport for Grade 12s.


Contact Gauteng Education Department

Source: SAnews.gov.za


Practical ideas on how to Decide on a Career

Most of us have wanted to know at least once in our lives about the best way to decide on a career. Many people who are getting close to the crossroads of their lives have thought about the common dilemma of what career is the most suitable.  For some people, this could possibly appear to be somewhat of an impossible task while other people just go gung ho and immerse themselves straight into whatever is laid before them.

Having said that, individuals who wise up and take a moment to think about their choices and options do get the best from their chosen careers. Deciding on the right career is definitely more of a process as opposed to a one time thing that changes your trajectory instantly.


The effectiveness of Self Assessment

Among the many vital things one will ever perform with their lives is not merely deciding upon the career they would entrench their lives on. Prior to immersing yourself in a chosen line of work, you need to first evaluate yourself. Numerous things are important when considering career alternatives. A few of the variables individuals take into accounts include things like their skills, interests, and values, in addition to their unique personal attributes.

Acquiring Assistance

Among the many essential resources concerning how to decide on a career is to get the expertise of a career counselor. You will find career development professionals who assist individuals with self assessment and assess the numerous factors that play in one’s career choice.

In some cases getting the expert services of a career development facilitator is simply not financially feasible. Money can occasionally become a dilemma some individuals however , this should not turn into a hindrance with regards to figuring out what career suits you. Needless to say, you will discover alternate options apart from hiring the expertise of a professional career development specialist.

In these scenarios, you can visit the local public library since a few of these institutions provide you with some form of career planning assistance and resources. Students could also seek advice from their local universities and colleges given that they likewise have career development offices that could be of assistance. In addition to these, you can find online career assessment resources that are offered for free on the Internet. There are numerous free tools to assist you to determine what career is right for you.


Working with the List

The final product on all the previously mentioned effort regarding how to decide on a career is often a list of possible careers that you can choose. This list of possible fields of endeavor will be the result of the whole process of self assessment, which happens to be the fruit of your own labor in addition to the help of a guide.

This will likely subsequently lead to the next phase to determine which profession is the most appropriate for you. The simple truth is, you will not be able to follow all the career options on your list. Now you have to acquire details about each and every feasible career on the list. One of the primary bits of information that individuals generally gather will be a job description for each and every item on the list.

In addition to that, you need to at the same time seek out information and facts on that particular career’s outlook. You will need to consider whether or not the said career will still be sought after in the up coming five to ten years at the very least. The required education and training should also be considered and evaluated along with the financial burden these courses will with. These are typically a handful of of the things that one will need to do when it comes to choosing a career.