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Best jobs offering a balanced work-life

Balanced Work Life

The holy grail of a balanced work-life continues to be discussed but rarely achieved in the modern-day professional life. A balanced work life more often than not depends an individuals priorities and life values. There are those jobs that offer strong opportunities for those people seeking to fulfill a career and a thriving personal life.

Forbes did a research study and collected feedback from employees about a balanced work-life in various occupations. The result of this research study include  a very broad range of professions from law clerks to game rangers with the sole aim of answering one simple question about what career or occupation provides a healthy balance between work and home life.

Here are the result of the study:

No. 1 Data Scientist
No. 2 SEO Specialist
No. 3 Tour Guide
No. 4 Lifeguard
No. 5 Social Media Manager
No. 6 Group Fitness Instructor
No. 7 User Experience Designer
No. 8 Corporate Communications
No. 9 Firefighter
No. 10 Equity Trader
No. 11 Law Clerk
No. 12 Investment Analyst
No. 13 Administrative Assistant
No.14 Office Assistant
No. 15 Sales Representative
No. 16 Help Desk Technician
No. 17 Substitute Teacher
No. 18 Carpenter
No. 19 Real Estate Broker
No. 20 Game Designer

For those job seekers or those people thinking about changing paths and opting for a new beginning, the most important thing to do is to identify what is your greatest personal commitment so that you can seek out that occupation and career that will fulfill and match your hopes and dreams.

Decide what is not negotiable for you. Decide what will enhance and lend to a balanced work-life for you. What are the key points for you.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs


Are You Satisfied with Your Career Choice?

Career choices and goals

You finally got your dream job. Then, like almost everyone else, you start to realise the job wasn’t everything you’d hoped for. Maybe the culture wasn’t what you expected. Maybe your boss is hard to get along with. Maybe you’ve just lost sight of the reason you took the job in the first place.

Just like in any major life decision, you eventually start second guessing your career choice. So, how can you find the passion you once had?

Revisit Your Original Goals – Look back at why you started this career and remember the joy it brought you and what influenced you to start the particular career your in. Remember what made you first want to join the company. Was it to help people? Or was it because it was an innovative and challenging company that you believed would challenge what you know and help you grow?

Speak to your Supervisors – Talk to your mentors or supervisors and see how they can help make your work more challenging if it is to easy or ask for help if it is to hard. Maybe start a project that you have been thinking about to help motivate you.

Take A Long, Hard Look – Look at what is making you unhappy and do something about it. The company you joined could have the completely wrong culture for you and there is somewhere else that would fit you a lot better and bring back the satisfaction you have lost.