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Social Media Strategies to Help your Business

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a fixation for the businesses globally since social media gained popularity. Most businesses have jumped into action and are trying to interact with their customers directly in an online environment with the hope  that their profiles would explode and grow their followers.

Now that social media marketing is considered as a major strategy rather than a trend, brands world-wide are trying to find the perfect balance for their their social media marketing and interaction. The main objective of online communications is to cultivate a positive attitudes, increases user engagement, and ultimately in a memorable experience.

Whether you are starting to build your brand or making changes to your current brand strategy, make sure to consider the following vital qualities of social branding:

Make your brand trustworthy – One the most important priorities of social branding is to create and cultivate a sense of trust among your followers and customers. To do this you need to post information and material that is not directly linked to selling your product or service, but rather aimed at communicating with your customers in ways that they find valuable. Make sure that your social media message is accurate and sincere.

Make your social media message personal –  Most companies are making the mistake of posting general messages across their social media networks rather than focusing on the objective on reaching individuals through their messages. The most successful social brands are the ones that have a social media strategy that is more personal.

Make your social media message unique – There are thousands of companies competing in each industry for the same pool of social media users, but in order to reach the largest audience, you’ll first need to stand out from the crowd. In  order to create a unique social media message think about what makes your business better than others in your industry. Think about the personality traits unique to your brand that are difficult to replicate by competitors.

Create a caring social media message – Try creating a message that creates an environment whereby your customers are excited to communicate with your brand. The best way to convey a caring attitude is to listen to your customers individually. When a customer post a message, take the time to reply with a personal message that restates their question and addresses it fully.

Make your social media message responsive – To create an environment where customers are more willing to respond and engage is to create a strategy that is responsive. You need to commit to respond to each and every enquiry and post made on your profile no matter how small they seem. If you choose to ignore or delay your responses, it is a guarantee that your users will not make any effort to interact with your brand or post further comments on your profile.

Make your social media message authoritative – Besides making your social media message trustworthy, it is imperative to create a message that places your brand as a voice of authority within your specific industry. An authoritative voice will create an environment where readers will want to subscribe to your network and updates. Creating an authoritative brand and message takes time and the best way to do this is to read and follow industry news and become informed so that you can publish informed articles and opinions.

Create a valuable social media message – To succeed with your social media strategy you need to be considered a valuable source to your users. To persuade your users to return to your network you need to offer them something that they need and want. This does not have to be monetary. It can be intangible in the form of high quality updates and compel users to come back for more. Try offering free promotions or discounts that are exclusive to your social media followers.

In conclusion, creating a social media brand cannot be done overnight. It takes months of observation, assessment, and refinement before you can see the benefits and value of your social media brand and strategy. Study and read up on the most successful and least successful social media strategies, and take the best social media actions and merge them into your business brand strategy.

From time to time you should undertake an audit of your social media strategy and make the necessary adjustments. The better you know your customers and users, the better you will be able to engage and interact with them.


Important Brand and Strategy Tips for 2015

Brand Loyalty

The start of every year brings about a fresh start for businesses. They set new goals, objectives, strategies, launch new initiatives, and hope for a successful year ahead. What new things does your brand need for the year ahead? New Goals? Bigger budget? New Product?  No industry is the same but there are some common and significant business trends that all brands should consider for 2015.

Fresh and new SEO Audit

SEO audits are boring and will not the most adrenaline-pumping time of the year for any business. However, the lack of excitement will make up in future value. An SEO audit comprises of the analysis of your website from a search perspective to identify what changes need to be made to improve your web ranking.  SEO has changed dramatically over the years. There have been huge algorithm updates and tectonic shifts in search technology which have brought about a search environment far more advanced and complex than it was  a few years ago. BY not undertaking an SEO audit you will lose out on a lot of opportunities. An audit will help to find manual spam penalties, thousands of 404 errors, major robots.txt blockages, huge title tag loss, and other significant problems.

Undertake a Content Audit

A content audit is equally important as an SEO Audit. Content audits analyze all content on your website and makes sure that the content says exactly what you want it to say, does what you want it to do, and performs in the way you want it to perform. A content audit is not the same as an SEO audit which is  a technical review for search engine purposes. Content audits are quite different. It helps to identify what your brand is all about in the minds of your users. There is some overlap in a content audit and an SEO audit. However, content audit are less technical and more high-level. Content audits will help identify the following:

  • You will identify individual pages that users spend more time reading.
  • How users perceive your site navigation.
  • Where they are clicking on your site.
  • How they are infecting with your social content and media.

Create a New  Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is the fastest-growing customer acquisition method. In addition, it is the fastest-growing, least costly, and has the highest ROI. It is far better than ROI of content marketing, paid search, social, and every other form of marketing. So ask yourself how is your current email marketing strategy? Over the past few years email marketing has taken the backseat to social media and viewed as outdated. However research data is proving this wrong and shows that email marketing bigger than it’s ever been, and it is still on a growth trajectory. Email marketing is more imprint than ever and will continue to grow.

Launch a New Product

Launching a new product takes time, resources, effort, and a significant portion of the budget. Keep in mind that a new products show a success in marketing. A new product or product update creates a frenzy and buzz around your product, business and brand. Your brand will gain attention and interest as customers rush to get the latest version. A new product will not only acquire new customers, but it will provide power to gain revenue from existing customers. Existing customers are the first to know about any new product or upgrade. Also, existing customers are the most likely to buy any new product or upgrade. Existing customers are also those who are most likely to tell others about your product.

In conclusion, no matter what you choose to do, make 2015 a year of new things for your business and brand. Whether it’s a new SEO audit, a new content audit, a new email marketing strategy or a new product, do something fresh and new.


How to build a brand and attract a cult following

Brand Loyalty

The envy of any brand strategist is a product with a brand that has a community of die-hard followers. Followers that will go out of their way to promote and support with everyone they know or come into contact with.

A good example is Harley Davidson who over time has built a brand and done a phenomenal job of creating a product and brand filled with memories, emotions and relationship with their customers. How did they build a following and brand of loyal and committed followers? What can you you do to emulate brand leaders and create the same type of loyalty. It all start with you knowing exactly what branding is.

Branding is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. It is the process of creating memories, emotions and a relationship around your brand in the consumers mind. The main goal and objective is to build such a strong relationship and belief that the consumers take on as if it were their own. They use the brand to help define who they are as an individual.

To build a brand with a cult following you need to do the following:

  • Build a brand you’re passionate about
  • Be your brand’s biggest advocate
  • Find investors that are both an industry and cultural fit
  • Know your weaknesses — and be honest
  • Engage a philanthropic component
  • Brand your customers
  • Random acts of kindness like a reward program to help encourage repeat business
  • Disconnect from digital
  • Personalize your product