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Enterprise Development and an Immersion to Alexandra Township

Enterprise Development – What has changed…

Including an “Immersion” of Alexandra township…

What does Enterprise Development score on your BEE scorecard?

Does your organisation or your team really understand South Africa today, or is the focus on the Broad-Based BEE scorecard rather than on sustainable transformation?

How do you…

•    do this in a way that fits within your business plans and contributes to your business growth?
•    practically implement the idea?
•    correctly structure the concept for maximum impact on your BBBEE scorecard?

This morning event will ensure that the person driving enterprise development in your company is best equipped to make your investment, into enterprise development, successful and correctly recognized on your empowerment scorecard.

The morning session will be followed by an Immersion Experience to Alexandra, which will include lunch in Alexandra


In this Immersion Experience, you will appreciate the potential in people, by hearing the stories of small business owners who are making a difference.

These include an orphanage, schools and small entrepreneurs who won the Standard Bank’s Entrepreneur awards for 2009.

Even if you are an Alexandra resident, this experience will open your eyes to a world you may not have known existed.

The following topics will be covered at the event…

•    Enterprise Development Global Experience & Best Practice
•    An Update on BEE and Enterprise Development – Understanding the Enterprise Development Codes
•    A review of the types, and models, to managing Enterprise Development

Learning outcomes

•    Correctly capture your Enterprise Development initiatives on your BBBEE scorecard
•    Understand Best practice models and strategies to drive Enterprise Development
•    Understand the structure, process and people needed to implement
•    Be exposed to current best practice


•    Robin Woolley, Chief Executive Officer, Transcend Corporate Advisors

Sponsored by NERA ( The National Empowerment Rating Agency)



The ED and Immersion of Alexandra Event ONLY –R1450 (excl. VAT) per delegate

OR – or you can register for the “FULL” BEE Updater membership for R2350 ex VAT – which includes:

•    Free attendance to Transcends B-BBEE Update seminars (Including this event.)
•    Transcends B-BBEE Toolkit: The toolkit consists of a definitive resource on transformation including:
•    All the documents needed to manage your B-BBEE Process including…
•    Fastfind – Searchable Electronic version of the B-BBEE Codes.
•    Harvard papers on B-BBEE
•    5 Tests of your BEE Health
•    B-BBEE Verification and Rating guidelines, documentation and tools including a comprehensive Verification Checklist
•    B-BBEE Implementation Guide and Worksheets
•    Templates and letters enabling you to deal better with Suppliers
•    Skills Development and Human Resource Strategy
•    Comprehensive resources and toolkits on
•    “Managing and Understanding Disability in the workplace” and
•    Sector Charters and Sector Codes Documents
•    BEE Legislation, Policies and regular updates to any changes in the BEE environment
•    Updated Case studies for easy referencing




•    CEOs , executives responsible for transformation
•    the company’s BEE champion
•    any manager with strategic responsibility for BEE
•    an executive director, HR manager, financial director or procurement manager



Venue: Johannesburg
Date: 30th of August
Time: 08h30am to 14h00pm



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Black Economic Empowerment under the spotlight

President Jacob Zuma

One of the main flaws around the enactment of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) most likely was the over-emphasis on the subject of diversity of ownership together with senior management.

This has been one of several crucial concerns brought up during the Black Economic Empowerment Advisory Council meeting, chaired by President Jacob Zuma on Friday, which reviewed how to take the program of economic transformation into the future as well as encourage inclusive growth.

“The unintentional results of this specific over-emphasis is without a doubt fronting along with tender abuse. We are satisfied of the fact that the Council spoke out so firmly in opposition to fronting which happens to be one of the leading obstructions to the implementation of BBBEE.

“Fronting is unquestionably an insult to the dignity of the poor and in addition we are required to respond decisively in opposition to it. I am delighted of the fact that the Council is so motivated to work together with us to do something against this heinous practice,” Zuma said.

As reported by the Presidency, there was clearly a special focus on the implementation of the New Growth Path along with the role of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) with regard to job creation during the meeting.

Specifically, the meeting emphasized the fact that BBBEE was not simply about big business deals for a handful of individuals in society but at the same time required a hand in empowering common citizens.

“With regard to this, the Council consider it necessary for the consistent enactment of broad-based BEE in every one of the sectors of the economy, with the intention that the policy touches the lives of a lots more people,” the Presidency said.

The meeting furthermore pointed out that BBBEE was in fact central to inclusive growth. Help and support was given to provisions of the New Growth Path which in turn demands a much more resilient focus on the broad-based components of the BEE regulations.

This included ownership by communities and workers, greater skills development along with career-pathing for all those working people, ongoing help and support for small enterprise and cooperatives, together with a completely new focus on procurement from local producers in an effort to assist job creation.

The meeting at the same time remarked that in order to contribute to job creation, BBBEE is required to, amongst others, encourage new enterprise development, stimulate local procurement and additionally make improvements to skills development and employment equity.

Participants additionally concluded that fronting would have to be exterminated coupled with effective mechanisms, and this includes possible punitive measures against those responsible for and guilty of fronting practices, would have to be put in place to stamp it out.

“It was decided that government, together with the help and support of the BBBEE Advisory Council, would definitely guarantee a revision of the BBBEE Codes in order to promote job creation, investment in small business and cooperatives, broad-based ownership and employment equity,” the Presidency said

The Council at the same time proposed that government will need to immediately make sure that appropriate monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the BBBEE Act.

Source: BuaNews