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Hearts and Craft Newsletter November



Joan has taught crafts throughout South Africa and in Europe and because of her extensive knowledge and warm, easy-going manner of teaching there is always a huge demand for her classes and workshops. As well as being an exceptional teacher Joan is herself a very talented crafts person and has produced some beautiful work in calligraphy, pewter, mosaics, origami, fabric painting and stamping, decoupage, gift presentation and paper making.


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Painting Holiday in Paternoster

Receive art tuition at beautiful locations throughout South Africa as well as Europe. Each holiday has unique opportunities to learn techniques on sight but also includes studio training and personal assistance. Each holiday is custom designed according to the inherent landscape and its people. The holidays also include accommodation, trips to restaurants and places of interest, shows and entertainment and continental breakfasts. You have a choice of sharing a room or having a private room.

Spend seven incredible days in and around Paternoster – one of the most popular destinations on the West Coast of South Africa – but with a difference!

The West Coast offers the artist in us many things; it hosts many varieties of birds and flowers, includes odd boulders and strange secluded bays, towns with whitewashed fishermen’s cottages and immaculate barren beaches – all these elements provide the West Coast with a atmosphere of mystery and tranquillity.

Paternoster in particular, with its eccentric character and vibrant people, (also well known for its excellent sea food – especially crayfish and hotnotsvis) offers the creative eye a multitude of riches. First thing I always do with visitors, is to invite them on a kayaking trip on our first day in Paternoster (optional), to view the penguins, the seals and the birds as you paddle through the boulders, then you will receive tuition in drawing and creating on location – basics, techniques and tricks that artists use. Learn to correctly observe movement and colour to create good drawings and paintings. We visit many beaches and selected sights to further your skill at proportioning, observation and tonal rendering. A pottery session with a local artist is also included. Have lunches and dinners at amazing places and soak up the West Coast landscape, its cuisine and its people.  Curious experiences, fantastic food and picnic braais, mesmerizing evenings, people and artistry – many training sessions – that’s what it is all about….


You will visit Tietiesbaai, Jacobsbaai, Darling, Saldanha Bay (draw boats in the harbour from the quayside!) and go on a boat ride. You can also visit Brittany Bay, Langebaan and the West Coast National Park. You will also have time to explore and relax by yourself. Combining art practice with a scenic holiday is a unique and extraordinary experience because it enriches your mind while you are encouraged by scenery, experiences and tuition. A total of 6 art sessions will be held during the course of the week and is intended for beginners and advanced alike.


In Latin, the words Patre Nostre means “Our Father”.

It is believed that this name is derived from a prayer that Portuguese sailors implored when their ship was wrecked here a few centuries ago. Paternoster had its origins manifested as a fishers village and has maintained its character despite abundant development and governmental  incursion on local fishing practices. Commercial development (except for accommodation) has been minimal and its structural development has benefitted the town rather than damaged it. The fishing practices has remained conventional – even with a “Watcher” who paces the beach early in the morning looking at the behaviour of sea birds to determine where the fish is, and thus guiding the fisherman. Paternoster is famous for its crayfish and many other varieties of fish are available from the locals during season. Crayfish is usually prepared fresh on an open fire with either butter and garlic or white wine.

I have often found Paternoster shrouded in mist which can quite quickly disappear and return to sunny clear skies. This I find irresistible and magical!

The architectural landscape is sometimes reminiscent of a Greek village, but actually has a unique character all its own. It is an exotic location, no doubt, and be warned – the longer you stay, the more you want to return.

In spring wild colourful flowers are abound in multitudes if the weather played along during winter. Close to Paternoster is the Columbine nature Reserve just three kms away. Another three kms south is Tietiesbaai, a place that reminds me of a peculiar boulder beach from a Sean Connery Bond movie. There is also the only ‘manned’ lighthouse on your way to visit Tietiesbaai.

Paternoster Painting Holiday Itinerary

Sunday 6 March

You may check into your lodgings any time after two o’ clock and I can also meet you at a rendezvous point and direct you to your rooms. At seven in the evening we meet for dinner at Voorstrandt Restaurant or Gaaikie Restaurant on
the beach for orientation and for you to meet your fellow adventurers.

Monday 7 March

At 7:30am we meet on the beach and walk to the kayak launch site a short distance away. Diane is your skipper and will help you to captain your kayak through the bay and boulder area (Optional). See the African penguin, gannets and seals nesting on the boulders with a skilled guide. You need no experience at kayaking for this marvelous trip, and it is for all ages. It is one of the highlights of the trip and should not be missed. Remember your towel and a hat. At around nine we walk back on an orientation walk on the beach to explore the landscape and the scenery, and a well-deserved breakfast at home. At eleven we will meet at a designated place for an art class. Depending on the group size, it could either be at one of the houses or at the town hall. You will be shown a slide show of typical landscape compositions and how to interpret them, a lesson in view finding, composition, drawing techniques –  including proportioning and tonal rendering, picture integrations, colour and texture. This will serve as an over-all introductory session that must not be missed. A light lunch will be served. This afternoon we depart for Langebaan where you will delight in a professional cooking lesson. Learn some fine cuisine secrets and enjoy some gastronomic time with your fellow ‘chefs’. Afterwards you can leave for home at Paternoster or go to one of the beach eateries at Langebaan for dinner

Tuesday 8 March

Today at eight we will drive to Nipple Bay (about 3km from Paternoster) to observe and draw rock formations, surf and sand after a demonstration from me. You will receive guidance in your sketches. From Nipple Bay (10:30) we will depart towards Cape Columbine Nature Reserve and stop off at the Columbine Lighthouse before heading to Tietiesbaai (six kilometers from Paternoster). Tietiesbaai offers the artist incredible subject matter such as massive boulders, sea motion patterns, expressive surf inlets and incredible views of the coastline and fynbos hills. Sometimes the fog comes rolling in to annex the Martian landscape for twenty minutes then clears completely. After your walk and exploration I will present another demonstration and you can then continue with some more drawings of your own. And if this is not enough – you will enjoy a crayfish and snoek (or hotnotsvis) braai on the beach (around 2pm) specially prepared for us by local gastronomic chefs Ursula and daughter Jodie. Vegetarian options are also available Enjoy a few hours by yourself or with your new friends. We will leave for our dinner at the picturesque Jacobsbaai Grill on the beach, approximately 20 kilometers from Paternoster. (Optional) Jacobsbaai is a somewhat secluded West Coast Village. It has 2 kilometres’ of coastline with many bays, lime washed buildings and sapphire blue seas. Our restaurant is casual and uncomplicated.

Wednesday 9 March

At 9am (weather permitting) we leave for Saldanha Bay. Saldanha was built around the biggest natural harbour in Africa but was never developed due to water shortages until the laying of a pipeline recently. Many industrial developments followed, and the harbour with all its boats and ships, besides being very attractive, is also perfect for increasing the challenge for your next drawing endeavour. We will visit the Slipway Restaurant on the docks of the Saldanha harbour, first for a half-hour boat ride through the harbour by a flamboyant skipper, and then for a drawing and observation session on boats against the marina setting. It will take the form of a proper art class. Afterwards we will lunch at the restaurant. Around 2 or 3 in the afternoon we will finish (no rush) and then it is time for a well-earned break for you – spend it as you please. Please refer to the table below for excursions and attractions in the area.

Thursday 10 March

Today at 9 you will experience another first. Enjoy a sculpture session with Diane Heesom-Green at Stone Fish Studios. The building in which the studio is situated is a lovely old renovated building, owned by the ‘Paternoster Visserye.’ The stone building began as a mill in 1863. Since then it has been a bioscope and is now an art gallery and ceramic studio. Diane is an artist extraordinaire in my eyes and has a wonderful way with people. You will enjoy this session immensely. After lunch, we will return to the studios for an anatomy session. You will have a model and a teacher to help you understand drawing the human figure. The session is for beginners and advanced alike. Tonight you can enjoy another unique experience at Boesmanland Plaaskombuis (Farm kitchen) at Langebaan (next to Mykonos). Boesmanland specializes in authentic traditional farm dishes inherent to South Africa. “All the dishes are prepared on open fires in big black pots every day and served on enamel plates. Their famous Soetsuurdeeg bread is prepared with a salt and potato ferment yeast and baked in a wood fired oven. Here you drink vaaljapie with the owner and not the manager.” I truly loved this place as it is definitely different in set-up, character and atmosphere. You need to pace yourself as the food is ample, the service very friendly and I loved the entertainment – all of this right on the sea –brilliant!

Friday 11 March

At 8am I will meet you at the Fish Market Main Beach. Today you will use what you have learnt over the past few days and create a drawing on canvas. The rest of the day you are free.

Saturday 12 March

At 9am we will convene for your final art session where I will help you finish your art work youstarted the previous day. This is also your time to pick my brain in terms of any art queries and questions, to show you techniques you need to understand and so on. Spend what is left of the day with friends or enjoy a long walk on the beach. At 7pm we will enjoy dinner at Noisy Oyster – don’t miss this one! Atmosphere and food fit for royalty.

Sunday 13 March

After breakfast, we pack-up and leave.

Please note that the itinerary is scheduled in January 2011. Changes may occur according to relevant amendments from parties we visit.

The Art Program

As stated before, the art program is for both beginner and advanced artists. Tuition will be adjusted to each particular individual. This means that I will add or reduce your workload and or intensity to your request or skill. Generally, your tasks will be easy to do – it is a holiday after all. You can, however, boost your efforts at will.

In our initial session, we will focus on your groundwork – how to find a scene to draw, what to include or exclude from your view and general compositional principals. Then we will concentrate on correct proportioning and live location procedures, tonal interpretation, textures and finally colour and oil paint fundamentals. On the beaches, we will concentrate on rock formations, foliage, fynbos and the beach, waves and water, sky, clouds, buildings and rock pools. In Saldanha, we will give attention to drawing boats and the harbour. Most work will be done in pencil, charcoal, pastel and water colour. In-house training will focus on establishing a final work based on combining your external sketches. Training is pre-planned and successive in design. Besides your drawing and painting of landscape, you will also have the inspiration from your sculpture and anatomy sessions. Work is usually completed in acrylic and charcoal, as oils take too long to dry. On Saturday you will not only finish your canvas, but also have the chance to request demos from me of techniques you are interested in, or problems you have i.e. proportion, tone, colour and so on.

The whole idea of the art sessions in this expedition is to visually interpret pleasing surroundings through relaxed training and creative incentive.


All materials are included in the price. You will receive your materials at Paternoster at your first art session. Materials include everything you need right down to your rags and paper towels.


All scheduled outings are not mandatory but will not be discounted or reimbursed.


You can buy your groceries at Paternoster for your breakfasts and braais. Oep ve Koep bakes fresh boer brood every day and also sells delectable homemade jams and preserves. Sometimes, at your request, we prepare breakfast together, but it remains a personal preference.

Visits to restaurants are not included in the price. Please remember to add a minimum gratuity of 10% to your final bill.
Braais and/or picnics in the program are included in the price.


All accommodation is self-catering and of communal in nature. You have the option of sharing a room or booking a private room. If you would like to stay longer, I can book more days for you. If you have special requirements, please notify us. All accommodation will be close to the beach.

Suggested Restaurants

Strandloper, Langebaan – Casual seafood experience, 10 course meal on the beach.
Muisbosskerm Restaurant, Lambertsbaai – Same concept, a big meal in the sand under lapas.
Mikonos, Langebaan – quite a few relaxed themed restaurants on the water’s edge.
Main beach Langebaan – Relaxed pub-like restaurants on the beach – eat while you watch kite surfing – expect slow service.

To do in Paternoster

A-ha guesthouse will prepare a sumptuous meal for you, but must be pre-arranged.
Oep ve Koep is the place where you buy fresh boerebrood, memorabilia and home-made jams.
Stone Fish Studios
Paternoster Pottery – Gerhard van den Heever
Long walks on the beach.
A visit to Paternoster infamous Panty Bar
Fishing Trips
Curios shops at the Fish Market
Fish and Chips shop at the Fish Market


Whale Watching (in season)
Traditional Boat Fishing
Horse Riding
Bird Watching
Bird Island Cruises – Langebaan
Bay and Deep Sea Fishing – Langebaan
Lagoon Cruises – Langebaan
Fossil Park
Shopping – West Coast Mall Vredenburg
St. Helena Cruises and Drives
Walking Trails
Khoi Art Caves
Water Sports
West Coast Nature Reserve and
Geelbek Restaurant in the Nature Reserve
Snorkling/Diving at Tietiesbaai
Buffelsfontein Nature Reserve, Darling
Groote Post Wine Cellars and Restaurant
Kraalbosdam Restaurant and Venue, Darling

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