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Recent survey highlights skills shortage in finance sector

You will find there’s a escalating scarcity of skills in the financial-services marketplace, a survey released in Johannesburg last Tuesday .

“Seventy-nine percent of companies had limited success in hiring chartered accountants and additionally 80% had difficulty retaining scarce skills,” said Landelahni CEO Sandra Burmeister of the collected information from the Landelahni Recruitment Group’s Financial Services Survey 2010.

Eighty-two percent of auditing firms believe there is simply a scarcity of chartered accountants.

The feedback survey took into consideration the banking, financial-services along with insurance companies, in particular at graduates together with post-graduates.

Making use of Statistics South Africa and Seta data, it projected the fact that the availablility of employees within the financial industry in 2010 is approximately 270 000 — which is 3,3% of overall employment.

This figure decreased from 300 000 in June 2008.

Burmeister said it it was worrisome although the volume of students enrolling in accounting training courses at educational institutions had improved significantly, this was certainly not converting into the number actually graduating.

“In between 1999 and 2009, the total volume of university enrolments within the accounting sector was 504 068, against 60 114 degreed graduate students over the same period — a dismal 11,9% pass rate.”

At the same time, Technikons were not faring that much better.

“Technikon enrolments in accounting numbered 204 215 over the same 10-year period against 31 034 diploma graduates — a 15,2% pass rate.”

Given the increased complexity of regulatory compliance and corporate governance, accountants are more in demand than ever.

Couple this with the fact that scarcity is a worldwide issue, meaning local South African skills would likely make their way to foreign countries, some sort of long-term solution was considered necessary, said Burmeister.

“There is actually a escalating demand and despite the slowdown throughout the economy, the trend has not been reversed,” she said.

“Due to the scarcity of qualified accountant in the marketplace we’re paying premium rates for these skills — based on this data we are going to be paying the premiums for the next two decades.”

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Flur Martin, Managing Director of Instructability (Pty) Ltd, has 22 years of detailed experience in the financial and training sectors of the business economy. In the attaining of a B Com degree through UNISA, Flur made a particular study of the learning problems encountered by distance learners; this study was conceptualized and is now characterized in the design of her financial training programmes with specific reference to Learning Communication Techniques (LCT). LCT embraces the inductive method of learning with the use of visualizations, associations, model building and contextualization.

Flur’s B Com degree, a Diploma in Training Facilitation, a Masters Degree in Metaphysics, Qualified Assessor (FASSET) together with her past working experience as a Financial Director in commerce and industry, Principal and Franchise Owner of Damelin East Rand and Principal of Varsity College Randburg coupled with her passion and commitment to education and training, places her as a leader in her area of specialization, the training of bookkeepers and accountants.


John Martin, B Com, CTA CA (SA) has 32 years experience in accounting and auditing practices. He was a partner for one of the largest auditing firms in South Africa for 15 years, with specific responsibilities for mining company audits.

Janice Martin, BA, Registered Assessor, Campus Manager. Having majored in Communications and Psychology she has a unique understanding of learning processes as well as a greater comprehension of developmental and career advancement strategies.

Involved in the education field for the past 9 years, she also lectured in various fields pertaining to the business science of communications as well as the psychology of business.

Redford Muir, owner of IMALi Management Services, has 10 years experience in the financial field including accounting, internal audit, corporate governance and taxation.

Redford recognised the need to become specialised in the field of auditing and forensic accounting and thus attained the Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice and Forensic investigation from the University of Johannesburg.  This, together with his BCom degree from Wits University, stood him in good stead as a senior member of the audit department of a large chemical and explosives company based in Sub-Saharan Africa, where he also gained much experience in his travels to various African countries.  Thereafter, he took up the position of Group Finance Manager of one of the largest logistics companies in Zimbabwe and South Africa and was instrumental in setting up policies and procedures for that business.

Today, he runs his own financial services business and is also involved in venture capital companies, training of aspiring bookkeepers, and tax consulting.

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