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5 Leadership skills from Olivia Pope

The Fixer

What leadership skills do you have in common with Olivia Pope, THE FIXER? Olivia Pope is an expert at gaining peoples trust and completing the job at hand! She teaches us that Loyalty Is the be all and end all. This team of Olivia Popes protects each other even when it gets tough.

Competition and criticism can easily find their way into any workplace. We know that Olivia will not throw one of her people under the bus. She deals with challenges head on and directly. She can do this, as she is a highly credible leader.

Be THE Gladiator

Quinn says: “I’m a gladiator in a suit. Because that is what you are when you work for Olivia – you are a gladiator in a suit. Do you want to be a gladiator in a suit?” The term has since become emblematic of the show. However, what does he mean? From a professional perspective, he means that they work tirelessly and fight passionately for what they believe is right. That fighting spirit can be applied to the work you do as well as the way you go to bat for your team, no matter what you are up against.

Leave Personal Challenges Outside

Olivia Pope has a complex personal life, yet, she enters a client and she is all business. She scores wins at work. Your problems can get in the way. Focus your mind on your professional duties to give it a rest from all the other worries.

Find THE Way

Sometimes a challenge seems impossible. This Pope team finds a way to make it work. In any job, there are challenges the difference between success and failure is finding a way around them. Creative problem solving is the common trait of successful people. One must remember: Olivia never does it on her own. She always taps the unique talents of her team.

No One’s Perfect

Ms. Pope is quite aware of her weaknesses. Her entire team has definitely made some mistakes but she continues to support them regardless. Neither you nor anyone at your work is perfect, ultimately, you believe in their ability and skill set and you do teach them how to do better next time round. Leaders must invest in their team.

Next time you are in a moment of crisis, just think, “WWOPD?” What would Olivia Pope do?



Wickedfood Cooking School Corporate Team Building Sessions

Wickedfood Cooking School Corporate Team Building Sessions

Wickedfood Cooking School has identified the 10 participating soccer teams with the most interesting cuisine and drawn up a representative 6-dish menu for each national team.

The class is divided into two groups, each representing one of these national teams, and cooks the relevant menu. We supply the ingredients and recipes for each team. Apart from the fun aspect, this is also a novel way of entertaining clients, a great form of team-building, or ideal opportunity of assessing various staff members’ abilities to work together and solve common problems.

Once all the dishes are cooked, our judging panel, will choose the winning team and then the participants sit down and enjoy the 2 respective meals they have prepared.


ART-CAFE CORPORATE creative team building workshops

Words can be limiting in terms of self expression and communication. Art-Café’s workshops present a uniquely developed and researched methodology utilizing practical, creative and experiential learning rather than the traditional ‘learning from lecture and notes’ approach.

People are unique and have different needs and expectations. Bringing various experiences, personalities and cultures into a group environment may be challenging. This dynamic limits the capacity of a team to perform at its maximum potential.

Through our Art-Café experiential Workshops, these differences are creatively respected and explored. These differences are therefore experienced as strengths and assets within the team thereby enhancing each person’s unique potential performance in the workplace. Team morale, motivation and communication are thereby improved. This vastly benefits both the individual and the team in using the IMAGINATION – which stretches the mind far beyond the verbal capacity.

According to Einstein, “Imagination is far more important than knowledge!”

Absolutely NO artistic skill or experience is required to participate in our workshops.