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Social media mistakes that can hurt your brand and business

Social Media Mistakes

For any business and brand to succeed today, you need to be active on social media in order to reach the huge chunk of potential fans and customers. That being said, if you make one small error or faux pas on social media, you could hurt your brand’s reputation.

To maximize and get the most out of social media, you need make sure to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Never be obnoxious.
  • Avoid telling people what they should share.
  • Build your own followers and likes. Never buy them.
  • Give the right people access to your social media.
  • Let people follow you because they want to. Don’t ask them to follow you.
  • Never compromise your IT security and expose yourself to being hacked.
  • Let people reshare your posts, don’t ask them.
  • Don’t advertise or talk about people who Unfollow you.
  • Never ask why people Unfollow you.
  • Try not to get too personal with your social media profile.
  • Avoid constantly promoting your product or service. Avoid being a social media pimp.
  • Never use profanity in your posts.
  • Avoid hashtag hijacking especially when it comes to users hijacking your account.
  • Create your own content and avoid rehashing someone else’s work.
  • Never claim to be a guru or expert.
  • Use social media platforms that work for you. You don’t have to be on all platforms.
  • Undertake your own social media marketing. Don’t give it to an agency.
  • Avoid delegating your social media to an intern.
  • Never spam your followers.
  • Make use of effective social media management tools
  • Always track your social media website analytics, goals and ROI.

Social Media Marketing Trends that will Prevail in 2015

Social Media Strategy

Social media is constantly changing and it is difficult to predict or know what will succeed and assist marketers to help grow their business. Social media, digital marketing and new technology provides any business powerful tools and opportunities to drive new business, retain and engage with customers and, in turn, increase revenue. Here are some social media marketing predictions for 2015 that we can expect over the coming year.

The rise of Ello: This emergence of  this new social media platform is expected to go up against the likes of media giants like Facebook. This new social media platform is causing quite a stir and is being dubbed as the new hipster social media network.

Significant increase in demand and ad pricing on Facebook:  Research has shown that Facebook reach is dropping significantly and becoming a major problem for those businesses using this platform for marketing purposes.

Twitter’s business advertising model is expected to rise significantly: Twitter is now offering businesses a whole lot more choice and flexibility when it comes to how and what they pay for in terms of advertising giving small and medium business  a chance to jump onto Twitter ad bandwagon.  Twitter’s  new model is providing businesses a new fee structure which allows them to pay for specific performance-based actions rather than just retweets or clicks.

The demise of Google+:  Given the failure of Google’s Authorship experiment, it is evident that there is no unique value when compared to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and is quickly leading to the decent of the platform into obscurity.

Instagram will become crucial for image-based social media marketing: Instagram continues to grow with over 200 million monthly users and is crucial for any business focusing on image-based social media marketing. This is backed up by research and evident by the fact that many marketers are planning to increase their use of this platform.

LinkedIn will increase the gap as the main B2B social network: LinkedIn is recognized as the most popular choice for any business which focuses on B2B, and it is expected to increase it’s dominance over other networks. Even though LinkedIn is viewed as less important that Facebook and Twitter, this fact is quite different when it comes to B2B marketing.

Social media marketing will be accepted as a core pillar of content marketing: It is expected that marketers will accept and realize that the two main core pillars of content marketing strategy will be publication and distribution. It is expected that marketers will realize that social media is going to be the most effective method to expand and increase their reach and visibility of their content.

In conclusion, it is important for all marketers to be informed about their audience when it comes to social media. They should customize and personalize their social media strategies over all channels and identify what works for their audiences.


The Most Common Small Business Social Media Mistakes

social media mistakes

Businesses are making a number of social media strategy mistakes. What are the biggest mistakes that you find small-business leaders make? Here are social media mistakes you should avoid. Here are the most common ones:

  • Thinking it’s a sprint instead of a marathon
  • Not having a plan or strategy
  • Talking too much and not listening enough
  • Airing bad feelings
  • Too much time spent on self-promotion
  • Having unrealistic expectations
  • Not making it relevant to me
  • Not responding to customers
  • Not listening to customers.
  • Not responding to customers, especially if there is a legitimate problem.
  • Stopped updating.
  • Using social profiles only for promotional purposes.
  • Poor branding and design.
  • Blurring the lines between personal and professional.
  • Making assumptions.
  • They create a business profile first and a personable profile later.
  • A serious underestimation of the amount of resources it takes.
  • Expecting social media to do all the work.
  • Not engaging with the audience.
  • Getting on social media just because everyone else is.
  • Not understanding that it’s all about relationship building

Can you create a social network that generates income?

Online Money

We all know that creating a new social network is no easy task. However it can be done, as we have seen over the past 5 years.

WAYN shared some insights that explained their journey and some of their insights. The world’s largest travel & lifestyle social network with 22 million members exploring the world through their website. It has been said, “Google ad-words work but cost a significant amount of money. WAYN shares some of their success in this regard.

At a time, the site had fewer than 50,000 members. The founders of WAYN discovered that many users were joining but few would take the time to go through the process of manually adding their friends – resulting in a missed opportunity for membership growth and, potentially, a shorter period of activity as users that did not make new connections might drop out.

WAYN created a system where users could automatically send invites to friends in their email address book –a now ubiquitous feature that was virtually non-existent at the time. This led to a massive increase in membership – over one million within six months and continued growth from there, says Ward.

This massive increase got the ball rolling and helped to ensure WAYN has continued survival. The problem then became one of effectively commercialising the network and its user-base. “The networks that succeed are the ones with a clear commercial mind-set,” says Ward. “New start-ups that try to be social and then make money typically don’t survive beyond a point.”

WAYN had an idea for commercial success. As users connected and discovered new places to visit, WAYN could capitalise through the provision of services such as bookings either directly on the site or through tie-in third parties. However, that does not mean it has been a straight road.

“At one point we had a Tinder-sequel service allowing travellers to meet up,” says Ward. “It kept the lights on and allowed us to continue to grow but it wasn’t the nexus of what we wanted.” The network has subsequently redirected back to its core objective – helping people discover where they should go on holiday through social interaction and travel reviews. The next step is taking this data and codifying it to offer better options and a more tailored, personalise experience to users. This includes collecting and mapping data on what activities are good in any particular destination, Ward adds.

“We’re making the user experience more targeted and relevant –and that means we get a higher return on every user experience,” he says. “If we can convert users to discover more or make a booking, it means we’ve done a good job in bringing them what they want.”

The number of social media sites continues to rise. There is no way of knowing what the next big thing is. However, by ensuring a social media site has a commercial objective, a niche area of interest and the determination to succeed on a small budget, a start-up has a chance to succeed.



Reasons to update your Linkedin profile to enhance your personal brand



Over the past decade, Linkedin has grown into one of the most popular social networking platforms, especially for professionals and its use as a personal branding tool. Given the importance of Linkedin it is essential to maintain and update your profile. Linkedin is not only an online resume but also a comprehensive personal branding resource.

Here are some reason to update your Linkedin profile today:

  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 225 million members
  • Linkedin profiles shows up at the top go Google searches.
  • People are researching you to discover your strengths and, more important, about your brand.
  • Linkedin offers numerous valuable resources to expand your success by offering essential connections and expertise.
  • You don’t know what you’re missing out on. While you’re reading this, someone is searching LinkedIn for the services you provide.
  • Linkedin offer you the chance to follow industry and thought leaders and companies so that you can up to date on what is happening in your industry or job function.
  • Linkedin network allows you to stay connected in  world  where we are overwhelmed with daily tasks and less time to complete these tasks.
  • Linkedin network offers tags to manage your contacts and improve your efficiency to mange your network.
  • Linkedin offers you the chance to improve and increase your visibility and credibility with members of your brand community.

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