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Can moms be goddesses?

Can moms be goddesses?

Let’s face it, being a mom has never been described as one of the most glamorous jobs on the planet! Once you take that all important step in becoming a mother, your life seems to make an about turn and nothing seems to be the same again – ever. Suddenly you can’t remember how you ever balanced on those gorgeous Jimmy Choos with designer jeans and handbag. Frankly they just seem ridiculously impractical.

The kids come first! Any spare cash is immediately ploughed into a college fund and it just makes more sense to spend the monthly budget on things they need rather than a new outfit for yourself or looking gorgeous. Besides, have you ever tried to look glamorous with baby puke running down your shoulder?

So you put your own needs on the backburner, promising yourself that your turn would come when they start going to school. But their next phase only brings more drama and challenges. Nappies are quickly replaced with school fees and birthday parties, new clothes and after school activities. Even though it warms your heart to see their smile when you buy them that Playstation they so “badly needed”, you can’t help but notice how their lists grow and grow and your needs are pushed further and further away. And before you know it, you can identify with a doormat far more than you can with a goddess. And to be honest, the title of this post probably caught your attention because it sounded as far-fetched as a trip to the moon.

Can I really be a Goddess and a Mom?

The truth is – not only CAN you, but you SHOULD be!

But first, let me correct a common misconception about being a goddess. A goddess is not someone who looks like they just stepped off the pages of a glamour magazine. And neither is it someone who successfully stands their own in boardroom. Of course it can be if that is what you want ?, as being a goddess is about being all that you can be. A goddess is someone who understands her own fears and desires. It’s about being true to yourself – nourishing your body and nourishing your soul. Loving with all your heart, living with a passion and giving with compassion.

See why I say you cannot afford to NOT be a goddess?

Let’s get even clearer on this…

Can you truly love another if you do not know how to love yourself?
Can you really give your children (and those around you) the love and respect they deserve if you battle to love and respect yourself?

What is left to give to your loved ones if you fail to give to yourself?

Owning who you are and being all that you can be is gift to yourself, and a gift that keeps giving to those around you.
Sometimes the road from being a doormat, to becoming a goddess seems impossible at first, but it all starts with a realisation. Once you’ve realised the importance of being committed to yourself first and foremost you are able to make the decision to do so. Not in a selfish, “bad mother” way, just a simple decision to give to yourself so you are better able to be the mom that you always wanted to be.

Being a Goddess is finding your true essence and allowing yourself to live the life you are meant to live.

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