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Top Four Careers in Hospitality

Hospitality Career does not necessarily only have to do with a single job. It happens to be for the most part an industry where you can consider an extensive number of specialties. The simple truth is that finding out about these various fields may very well be enjoyable. Having said that, an individual is incapable of performing everything within this industry, which explains why possessing a specialization is essential.

Considering all the alternatives in this particular career, you will discover the ones that top the list. In order to assist you, listed here are the most notable four careers in hospitality that you may possibly want to consider venturing into.

Hotel Staff

It is unquestionable that hotels are rampant in the present day. You are able to see high rise hotels being built virtually anywhere so long as there exists a site to see or destination to visit. This is true not merely for the South Africa, but various other countries as well. Regardless of whether it is a five-star hotel or perhaps a not so glamorous hotel, a hotel is a hotel and one thing’s for sure: they require individuals to be employed by them.

Job opportunities in this particular type of profession may possibly also fluctuate and they are generally plentiful at the same time. A person may be the front desk person who assigns rooms for guests or perhaps you could potentially end up being the lifeguard at the pool area who watches over the kid’s pool; the reality is that you will discover an enormous variety of hotel staff positions that one could give consideration to. Apart from the sheer numbers of positions, the volume of establishments you possibly can be employed by is likewise substantial. You will find small bed and breakfasts in addition to 5-star accommodations.

Precisely how high your compensation could possibly be is based on your job title. This factor would most likely in addition decide how you will probably be paid; whether by hour or on a yearly basis.



Event And Meeting Planner

This position consists of responsibilities of being in control of the features pertaining to vital business meetings or wedding receptions taking place in hotels. You essentially will be required to act out as an event planner or organizer to ensure that your client would have a smooth program flow for their event. At the same time, it is an important part of your responsibility to manage the accommodations and amenities of a facility on site. Consequently, you should have some knowledge regarding contract negotiations.

For this particular form of specialization, an individual would be required to possess a bachelor’s degree within a particular area, in addition to 2-4 years of experience in the field is required.



Executive Chef

This specific career would in most cases involve managing the flow and direction of a kitchen. You may very well be in charge of arranging menus and tables in hotels, cruise ships, along with other locations that tourists go to. In addition, you monitor inventory and attempt to reduce expenses. You select which supplies and food products are essential to purchase. After some time, you can expect to create and customize the menus making sure that there is an boost in profits and reduce financial losses. You happen to be at the same time the person who is actually responsible for overseeing the overall satisfaction of your customers.

An extensive knowledge of local food sanitation regulations and rules, in addition to federal state laws are crucial. In most cases, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in a field of specialty and a minimum of 7 years of experience.



Travel Coordinator

A travel coordinator stands out as the individual who takes control whenever companies require coordination regarding their travel plans. The most common responsibilities you could possibly encounter may very well be scheduling flights and hotel stays, in addition to assisting travelers to obtain their passports, visas, and various other required travel documents.



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Advanced Certificate: International Residential and Hotel Butler

This programme is ideal for those who wish to build a new career or those who want to invest in an international qualification to fast-track their current career in the butler service industry.  This six-month internationally accredited certificate from the American Hospitality Academy, in collaboration with the International Institute of Modern Butlers, is the best preparation to steer you towards a promising and challenging career.

The extensive curriculum includes:

(i)    Theoretical Training: Butler Mindset, Guest Relations, Body Language, Administration, Culinary & Menu Terminology, Alcoholic Beverages, Tea, Cigars, Coffee, Etiquette, Personal Hygiene, Food Hygiene Management, Dealing with Challenging Guests

(ii)    Practical Training: Guest Interaction, Deportment, Butler’s Etiquette, Table Service, Alcoholic Beverages, Cigars, Valet Services, Housekeeping Skills, Traditional Butler Duties and Introduction to Chauffeuring.

Aimed at any individual who wishes to get ahead in the butler profession, the course is suitable both to candidates wanting to work in the hospitality industry and also to those seeking a private service position. The material has been designed to be challenging and to produce high-quality candidates within a restricted time-frame. However, it has been structured in a progressive fashion, manageable even for complete novices, providing the student is willing to put in the required effort.

For those candidates who already have experience in the hospitality or private butler fields and are wishing to hone their skills or receive recognition for their experience, the course has sufficient depth to provide new insights and challenges. For these students the material will serve as a refresher on the more traditional aspects of the trade and is sure to offer new insights as it covers a broad range of subjects. Since the course must serve a variety of career choices, students whose interests lie in a particular direction, or who show an aptitude for a particular subject, will be advised on how to further their studies in their chosen field.

All candidates will be provided with printed training material.  Practical tests will be based on skills which will be demonstrated in class. Students will have the opportunity to duplicate these skills under the guidance of an instructor before being tested on them.

Since the course material is printed in English, students are required to be proficient in this language so that they may keep up with the classes and answer written exam papers. It must be stressed however, that we will be testing content and that marks will not be awarded for spelling or grammar. Students will be required to meet minimum averages throughout the course, but are welcome to discuss their progress with either their trainer or the Private Hotel School Management.

Additional research may be required in order to complete assignments. Students may elect to do this research online, in libraries or by consulting local bookshops.

Prospective students who have questions about the course, its application, or its content are welcome to contact The Private Hotel School.

The programme offers students a balance of academic knowledge and practical skills, built on a foundation of strong work ethics, a positive attitude, values and a desire for excellence.  It integrates professional development and cultural awareness skills in onsite work-based learning.

On successful completion of the course, students will be issued an internationally recognised certificate and will be offered membership in IIMB.

Duration:  6 Months
Course Fee:  R 32 800 (this includes tuition fees, chef’s uniform and basic equipment, but excludes a black suit and text books)
Starting Date(s):  17 January 2011 and 11 July 2011

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Lodging Managers

Significant Points

* Long hours, including night and weekend work, are common.
* Employment is projected to grow more slowly than the average for all occupations.
* College graduates with degrees in hotel or hospitality management should have better opportunities for jobs at full-service hotels and for advancement than those without a degree.

Nature of the Work

A comfortable room, good food, and a helpful staff can make being away from home an enjoyable experience for both vacationing families and business travelers. Lodging managers make sure that these conveniences are provided, while also ensuring that the establishments are run efficiently and profitably. Most lodging managers work in traditional hotels and motels, but some work in other lodging establishments, such as recreational camps and RV parks, inns, boardinghouses, and youth hostels.

Lodging establishments can vary significantly in size and in the number of services they provide, which can range from supplying a simple in-room television and a continental breakfast to operating a casino and accommodating conventions. These factors affect the number and type of lodging managers employed at each property.

The one person who oversees all lodging operations at a property is usually called a general manager. At larger hotels with several departments and multiple layers of management, the general manager and multiple assistant managers coordinate the activities of separate departments.  In smaller limited-service hotels—mainly those without food and beverage service—one lodging manager may direct all the activities of the property.

Lodging managers have overall responsibility for the operation and profitability of the hotel. Depending on the hotel and the size of its staff, lodging managers may either perform or direct housekeeping, personnel, office administration, marketing and sales, purchasing, security, maintenance, oversight of recreation facilities, and other activities. They may hire and train staff, set schedules, and lend a hand when needed.

Within guidelines established by the owners of the hotel or executives of the hotel chain, lodging managers set room rates, allocate funds to departments, approve expenditures, and ensure that standards for guest service, decor, housekeeping, food quality, and banquet operations are met. Increasingly, lodging managers also are responsible for ensuring that the information technology common in today’s hotels is operational. Some lodging managers, often called revenue managers, work in financial management, monitoring room sales and reservations, overseeing accounting and cash-flow matters at the hotel, projecting occupancy levels, and deciding which rooms to discount and when to offer rate specials.

Front office managers, a category of lodging manager, coordinate reservations and room assignments and train and direct the hotel’s front desk staff. They ensure that guests are treated courteously, complaints and problems are resolved, and requests for special services are carried out. At some hotels, they may greet the guests personally and provide them individual attention to see their needs are met. Any adjustments to bills often are referred to front office managers for resolution.

Convention services managers coordinate the activities of various departments to accommodate meetings, conventions, and special events. They meet with representatives of groups or organizations to plan the number of conference rooms to reserve, the configuration of the meeting space, and determine what other services the group will need, such as catering or banquets and audio, visual, or other electronic requirements. During the meeting or event, they resolve unexpected problems and monitor activities to ensure that hotel operations conform to the group’s expectations.

Lodging managers may work with hotel sales and marketing directors and public relations directors to manage and coordinate the advertising and promotion of the hotel. They help develop lodging and dining specials and coordinate special events, such as holiday or seasonal specials. They may direct their staff to purchase advertising and to market their property to organizations or groups seeking a venue for conferences, conventions, business meetings, trade shows, and special events.

Lodging managers who oversee the personnel functions of a hotel or serve as human resource directors ensure that all accounting, payroll, and employee relations matters are handled in compliance with hotel policy and applicable laws. They also oversee hiring practices and standards and ensure that training and promotion programs reflect appropriate employee development guidelines.

Computers are used extensively by lodging managers and their assistants to keep track of guests’ bills, reservations, room assignments, meetings, and special events. In addition, computers are used to order food, beverages, and supplies, as well as to prepare reports for hotel owners and top-level managers. Many hotels also provide extensive information technology services for their guests. Managers work with computer specialists and other information technology specialists to ensure that the hotel’s computer systems, Internet, and communications networks function properly.

Work environment.

Because hotels are open around the clock, night and weekend work is common. Many lodging managers work more than 40 hours per week and are often on-call, which means they may be called back to work at any time. In some hotels and resort properties where work is seasonal, managers may have other duties less related to guest services during the off season or they may find work in other hotels or occupations.

The pressures of coordinating a wide range of activities, turning a profit for investors, and dealing with guests who sometimes are angry can be stressful. Managing conferences and working at the front desk during check-in and check-out times can be particularly hectic.



The Private Hotel School International Qualifications

Situated in the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, the Private Hotel School prides itself on “developing tomorrow’s best today”. Our mission is to develop future hospitality leaders with the practical training, academic knowledge, specialised skills and cultural understanding necessary to succeed in today’s global economy, whilst fostering international goodwill and friendship.

The school offers the following international qualifications:
Diploma in International Hospitality Management (DIHM)

The aim of the DIHM Programme is to offer students, who wish to begin working at the supervisory level within the industry, a comprehensive hospitality management education. Students will be introduced to all aspects of hospitality services operations, and the wide array of career opportunities available within the industry.
Upon successful completion of the DIHM Programme, it is expected that graduates will have developed:

•    The technical and supervisory management skills and product knowledge necessary for a career in the hospitality industry.
•    The ability to think logically and communicate clearly.
•    An inter-disciplinary approach to problem-solving and decision-making.
•    A global perspective on the operations of the industry.

Diploma in International Culinary Arts (DICA)

The aim of the DICA Programme is to offer students, who wish to begin working at the supervisory level within the industry, a comprehensive hospitality management education. Students will be introduced to all aspects of hospitality services operations, and the wide array of career opportunities available within the industry.??Upon successful completion of the DICA Programme, it is expected that graduates will have developed:

•    The technical and supervisory management skills and product knowledge necessary for a career as a Culinary professional.
•    The ability to think logically and communicate clearly.
•    An inter-disciplinary approach to problem-solving and decision-making.
•    A global perspective on the operations of the industry.

Advanced Certificate in Culinary Arts

For those who wish to build a new career or those who want to invest in an international qualification to fast track their current career in the food service industry, this six month internationally accredited diploma from the American Hospitality Industry is the best preparation to steer you towards a promising and challenging career. The Advanced Certificate in International Culinary Arts equips participants with the fundamentals of cooking and baking, covering the principles, procedures and techniques in the preparation of different types of food – including a 6 week local internship. The programme offers students a balance of academic knowledge and practical skills, built on a foundation of strong work ethics, positive attitude and values and a desire for excellence. It integrates professional development and cultural awareness skills in onsite work based learning.

Professional Certification Courses

The Private Hotel School provides professional certification short courses for students, industry practitioners interested in enhancing their current skills and for those gearing-up for a career shift to be part of the dynamic hospitality industry. Participants have the opportunity to complete a short term course and receive a certification from American Hospitality Academy International Hospitality Management Schools. Emphasis is on hands-on training.

These are intensive, six month (32 to 64 contact hours) short courses introducing concepts and practicalities of hospitality and culinary operations within the hotel and catering industry context. Delegates will be presented with an overview of the industry, together with an introduction to techniques, from an understanding of the principles of the various disciplines through lectures from subject experts and practical applications such as knife skills.

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The Private Hotel School

The Private Hotel School is the official license holder of the American Hospitality Academy in South Africa (AHA – SA).

The American Hospitality Academy has a 22 year history of offering quality educational programmes and structured internship opportunities to thousands of students from the United States and around the world.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you at The Private Hotel School, Stellenbosch campus, where we offer three exciting diploma programmes in international hospitality management, culinary arts and culinary entrepreneurship; and professional certification short courses at a modern and technologically advanced educational facility.

The Private Hotel School provides students with an international campus opportunity with small classes, personalised attention and qualified instructors interested in not only developing great hospitality professionals but great people as well.

“The motto of this unique hotel school which opened its doors in January 2006 is “developing tomorrow’s best today”

Everyday is an Open Day at The Private Hotel School. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Three Diploma courses:

·        Diploma in International Hospitality Management
·        Diploma in International Culinary Arts
·        Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship

About Us

Hein Olckers – Director: Operations

Hein Olckers has over two decades of extensive management experience in the hotel and entertainment industry. His comprehensive knowledge and skills were employed to project manage the entire hotel management component for the inception of the five-star Santé Wellness Centre in Simondium, Paarl which opened in September 2003. This commission followed upon his return from America following a successful two-year contract as hotel manager of the highly acclaimed, prestigious Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel in California, which hosts global industry leaders, celebrities and Hollywood stars.

His ability to teach and transfer knowledge saw him develop and start up a hotel management course for the Free State Technikon (Bloemfontein). He also lectured at the Technikon’s Hotel School. He holds a National Diploma in Hotel Management(Wits Technikon) and an internationally recognised Certified Hospitality Educator (by the renowned Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Lodging Association). Hein also completed courses in Strategic Marketing and Strategic Hospitality Management at Cornell University (Itacha, New York, USA) in 2001.

During his career locally he managed both resort and specialised hotels ranging from Kruger Park Lodge (Hazyview), the Strand Hotel (Swakopmund, Namibia), the Alpine Heath Resort and Conference Village (Drakensberg) as well as Sun International’s Thaba ‘Nchu Sun Hotel and Casino and luxury Western Cape hotels Lord Charles (Somerset West) and Cape Sun.

His project management skills and ability to enable team work saw him refurbish the prestigious Carlton (Johannesburg) and Royal (Durban) Hotels as special projects manager for Three Cities Hotels. Apart from seasoned people and management skills, his career saw him develop computer literacy, marketing and advertising acumen and, above all, the discipline to ensure customer satisfaction and delivery by both staff and suppliers.

•    American Hospitality Academy Master Licence holder.
•    AHA Certified Educator.
•    Associated training properties include:  Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, The Ritz Carlton, Sheraton and Westin.

Susina Jooste – Director: Academic Development

Susina holds a B. Ed Home Economics (University of Stellenbosch), B. Ed Honours (University of Potchefstroom) and has just finished her Master’s degree (University of Stellenbosch) with research topic: A Curriculum Framework for Continuous Professional Development in Culinary Studies.” She has also completed four continuing-education programmes at The Culinary Institute of America(New York), as well as a short course at Le Cordon Bleu (Paris), and the Diploma in Professional Cooking from “City and Guilds” (London).She is one of the most dedicated culinary professionals you will ever come across.

Susina is also very involved with the school subject, Hospitality Studies. She pioneered the implementation of this subject in the Northern Cape where she was also the chief examiner for 5 years. Susina is currently consulting the Western Cape Education Department and individual schools, on the implementation of Hospitality Studies and is engaged in the training of their educators. Since 1998 Susina has been co-ordinating annual workshops during the winter holidays for educators from all provinces of South Africa and Namibia.

Susina is an expert in food and wine education. With over 20 years educational experience and a passion to inspire others to grow as culinary professionals, she is living her dream. Having been a science teacher for 12 years, Susina has a very unique ability of combining the art of cooking with a scientific understanding. By exposing students to a disciplined but fun learning environment, she has trained many to be successful and honourable in what they do.

After her teaching career, Susina was a senior lecturer for five years, head of department, and head of continious education at the Institute of Culinary Arts at Spier, in Stellenbosch. She recently started her own company, Joy of the Table, which mainly focuses on short courses, fun-filled cooking classes and skills training.

Susina Jooste is co-owner and one of the directors of The Private Hotel School. Susina will ultimately be responsible for the Academic side of The Private Hotel School and will be in charge of the culinary education, training and development arm of the business.

Annelie Gresse – Academic Dean

Dr Annelie Gresse was appointed as Academic Dean from 01 June 2008 and is responsible for academic operational matters. Dr. Gresse obtained an Honours B Sc Home Economics at the University of Stellenbosch, a M Sc Home Economics at the University of the Orange Free State and D Sc (Dietetics) at the: Potchefstroom University of Christian Higher Education. She lectured at various Universities since 1983 and held various management positions at academic institutions since 1992. Since 1985 she was involved in more than 20 research projects of a nutritional/dietetic or educational matter and one of the main authors in five peer-reviewed articles and a number of manuals that were published. She reported on research projects at national and international conferences in South Africa and Australia, was the main speaker at different symposiums, offered workshops at conferences and participated in many workshops. She completed additional courses in facilitation and assessment, moderation, curriculum design, quality management and departmental leadership. She undertook various study tours, to Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, England and Ireland.

Jeanne-Marie De Wet – Lecturer: Hospitality Management

Jeanne-Marie studied at the Technikon Free state (Bloemfontein) and completed her three year diploma in Hospitality management in 1999. During her studies she received recognition for best student in her class for all three years of study. Thereafter she completed an accelerated management programme at Sun City during which she was a co-ordinator for the Nedbank Golf Challenge 2000 and 2001, Dimension Data and assisted in the opening of the Sun International Resort – Zambezi Sun and Royal Livingstone in Zambia. She was then offered a position of Assistant Food & Beverage Manager at Cascades, Sun City for a year before broadening her horizons overseas to Sopwell House, St. Albans, UK as Assistant Banqueting Operations Manager, Threadneedles Botique Hotel in London, UK as Restaurant Floor Manager and Banqueting and Park Plaza Leeds, UK as Events Co-ordinator.??Jeanne-Marie then had the opportunity to work in the Middle East at SNTTA Dubai, UAE as a Project Manager for an Incentive House for inbound tours, for 18 months. Upon her return to South Africa, she worked at the ABSA KKNK as Hospitality co-ordinator and then a consultant and trainer for a Lodge group in Limpopo before joining the Private Hotel School in December 2008.??Her extensive international operational hospitality experience will enrich the curriculum linking theory with practice.

Juliet Mc Anda – Faculty Co-ordinator

Juliet started her Hospitality career at The Private Hotel School in 2006, where she did in-service training at The Lanzerac Hotel & Spa. During her in-service training she has worked in all departments of the hotel gaining full knowledge of hospitality operations at a five star hotel. ??Through the guidance of the school and her knowledge obtained, it has qualified her for the position of Restaurant Supervisor at The Asian Games. She has achieved this position and worked the month, starting end November 2006 until beginning December 2006 for the company Compass at The Asian Games in Doha, Qatar in the Middle East. ??Juliet now shows her patronage towards The Private Hotel School by assisting in all aspects of administration and co-ordination of operations at the school.

Glenda van Wyk – Bookkeeper

Starting her work experience with Kelly Girl Temping agency as an all rounder temp, Glenda gained the opportunity to broaden her experience office management and bookkeeping. Completing a Business Computing Diploma course with Coopers & Lybrand in 1996 and a Pastel Accounting Certificate later that year, she has worked as bookkeeper and office manager for various companies and industries. Glenda joined the Private Hotel School in May 2009 as our new Bookkeeper.

Donna Lohbauer – Lecturer: Hospitality Management

Donna Lohbauer obtained her National Diploma in Hotel Management from the Central University of Technology – Free State. The hospitality industry opened many doors for
her, including the doors of The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, The Hydro at Stellenbosch, those of the majestic Noordhoek Manor, a private residence on the Good Hope Estate, and the famous Coach House at Agatha near Tzaneen. Her career allowed her to run with the wild dogs of the Okavango Delta, tip-toe through the Tzitizikama Forest and to serve the local community of her hometown Bultfontein, in the heart of the Free State Platteland.

At the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, Donna was one of the five restaurant managers for the master caterer’s team who was responsible to serve up to 40 000 meals per day at the Athlete’s Village. On a more intimate note she had the opportunity to coordinate ex-Springbok, Chester Williams’ wedding at Villa Via, Gordon’s Bay. Her involvement with education and training started in 1999, when she trained unskilled workers at her small á la carte restaurant. In 2001 she became a full time lecturer and academic coordinator at the Institute for Hospitality Training and qualified as an assessor and moderator. In 2003 Donna qualified as a Dale Carnegie Instructor and was fortunate enough to train management at the Table Bay Hotel in the V&A Waterfront, as part of her assessment. Donna is also an amateur play writer/actress who uses the performing arts to inspire and develop others and to teach and cross cultural borders.

Louise Theron – Assistant Manager

Louise studied at The Private Hotel School from 2007 until 2008. Apart from her academic studies, she has also gained knowledge and experience at a 5 star property where she worked in various departments as part of her in-house training. Her work experience and studies at The Private Hotel School well prepared her for the hospitality industry. ??After successfully completing her studies, Louise wanted to broaden her horizons in the hospitality industry, and worked as assistant manager at a 4 star guest house in Stellenbosch. Louise joined The Private Hotel School once again in June 2009 as the assistant manager at our new campus, 33 Stellenbosch.

Founding Partners

For founding partners Cindi Reiman, Dr. Corazon Gatchalian, Samir Thapa and Gene Cordova, AHA International Hotel Management Schools are a “natural next step” in their dual vision to provide tomorrow’s hospitality leaders with an innovative and comprehensive practical training and academic experience, and to create a better world through education, integrity and cultural understanding.

Cindi Reiman

As Founder and President of the American Hospitality Academy, Cindi Reiman has spent twenty years perfecting the art of practical hospitality training. Her practical methodologies, inspirational philosophies and dedication to excellence have earned her the respect and admiration of hospitality industry leaders, hospitality educators, and literally thousands of young people around the world. Today, more than 1000 students from academic institutions around the world participate annually in the AHA’s United States training programs.

Corazon Gatchalian Ph.D. CHE

A recognized academic leader throughout the Philippines, and in the Asia Pacific region, Dr. Corazon F. Gatchalian is a Professor of Hospitality Management at the University of the Philippines, the country’s premier university and where she was the former Chair of the Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management. A Certified Hospitality Educator, Dr. Gatchalian serves as the Academic Director for AHA-IHMS Corporate, ensuring that all academic curricula attain and maintain a consistent high quality, in accordance with AHA- IHMS standards.

Samir Thapa CHE

As Founder and Principal of the AHA Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management in Kathmandu — the premier hotel school in Nepal — Samir Thapa brings a wealth of experience, expertise and multi-cultural enthusiasm to his position as Co-Founder of AHA-IHMS. A Certified Hospitality Educator, Mr. Thapa holds an MBA in Hospitality Management from the United States. Prior to founding AHA Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management in his home country of Nepal, Mr. Thapa completed a comprehensive post-graduate program in Switzerland.

Chef Gene Cordova

Chef Gene Cordova is a graduate of top culinary schools in Europe and USA – Le Cordon Bleu-Paris, Ecole de Ritz Escoffier-Paris, Culinary Institute of America – and holds a Degree in Business Administration from Fordham University, USA. He was a pioneer, faculty instructor, administrator and marketing director of Center of Culinary Arts Manila (CCA), and Chef Instructor of the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCHAM) and the University of the Philippines.