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Staff Training

You can send individuals or train your entire staff complement at once. They have regular training venues in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Limpopo and as from May 2009 Durban! Their trainers will however travel nationally to accommodate your needs. With approximately 20 soft skill workshops to choose from, Staff Training is able to assist you with most of your desired outcomes ranging from management training to frontline/reception. They pride themselves on keeping it real. Tell them your specific challenges and together they will find a solution for you.

Promoting Efficiency through investing in people (IIP), personal responsibility and improved communication skills

With South Africa definitely in a recession, 2009 is proving to be quite challenging for some. Sales people are demotivated, managers are stressed and tension is running high. The situation needs to be managed in order to provide support and knowledge enabling and empowering us all to move forward. The temptation and opportunities for staff to resent the pressure and for teams to passively (or actively) obstruct the company efforts and initiatives are huge. Friends are being retrenched, sales people are being dismissed, warnings are rife and management is changing. Do not get caught napping! NOW is the time motivate and empower your managers and teams.

Our Promoting Efficiency seminars are being hosted as inhouse as well as at the open hosted venues.


  • Putting the economy into perspective
  • Understanding the different personality types in a team
  • Team and departmental communication
  • Understanding generation X,Y and the Baby Boomers
  • Setting and applying continual goals and motivation
  • Differentiating between urgent and important
  • Accountability as a part of our future


Staff Training was started by Debbie Engelbrecht in 2000.  Her vision to keep it real and help real South Africans find real solutions to real problems.  This hasn’t stopped her making them smile though!!  Her main aim in life being to spread cheer , motivation and knowledge.