Staff meeting etiquette, rules and no no’s

Staff meeting rules

We live and work in a time where we are all busy and focused on our own lives, however, we still need to find the time for staff and business meetings. Most people dread work meeting but you are required to attend from time to time. No matter what you opinion about staff meetings, it is important to conduct yourself in a respectful and professional manner.

Given the negative attitude towards meetings, sometimes people forget the basic etiquette and rules that are required when attending even when they are surrounded by coworkers, managers, bosses, and even clients. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to remember all the meeting you need to attend and being able to find the time to prep for the meetings.

What makes things worse is when a colleague forgets their manners and make common staff meeting mistakes. Here are few  a common no-no’s and staff meeting mistakes.

Avoid multi-tasking – Don’t bring other work that is not related to the meeting topics being discussed. Leave all other works for another time.

Avoid side conversations – It is simply impolite and downright rude to hold a side conversation while a fellow employee is trying to conduct a meeting.

Stay until the end – If you have another important engagement and planning on leaving a meeting early, it is best to let everyone know at the start of your prior commitments and need to leave early.

Show up or call – If you are unable to attend a meeting for any reason, it is common courtesy to call or let someone know that you will not be able to attend the meeting and offer your apologies.

Never interrupt others – When someone is talking, pay attention and listen.

Avoid all forms of bickering – It does not matter how irritating your co-workers can be, never get into a verbal shouting match in a staff meeting. It is extremely unprofessional and awkward for all those attending the meeting.

Never hijack or change the agenda – If you disagree with the meeting agenda or feel that there is something else that should be discussed, then it is best to voice your feelings at the start of the meeting. Respect those who called for the meeting and are in charge of the meeting.

Do your pre-meeting prep work – Always come prepared to a meeting. Make sure you know what is being discussed at the meeting and prepare yourself so that you can add value to the meeting and topics on hand.

Never compare resumes – One of the most unprofessional and tackiest things a person can do in a meeting is to pull rank on a co-worker.

Leave you lunch at your desk – Unless you are going to a breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting, avoid all forms of food and eating doing a meeting.

Don’t ask people to repeat themselves – Always stay focused and pay attention to hat others are saying and avoid having to ask people to repeat themselves because you spaced out during the meeting.

Make sure to introduce everyone – If you are leading a meeting and aware that not every participant knows each other, then it is important at the start of the meeting to briefly introduce everyone.

Keep your phone on silent – It is best to keep your mobile off the table and place your ringtone on vibrate. There is nothing worse having someone’s phone ring in the middle of a meeting, especially if it is your boss leading the meeting.

Time management – Always arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start of every meeting. Be concise when you are talking and understand that everyone in the meeting has other commitments to attend to so never ramble on.

Stand up and greet others – When you are meeting someone new, have the respect to stand up and shake their hands and greet them.

Be aware of what you order – If you are attending a meeting over a meal, it is important to aware of what you order to eat and always watch you table manners.

Don’t sneeze and shake – Never sneeze in your hand and then offer to shake someone else’s hand. This is simply disgusting.

Watch the clock – Always be on time and end meeting on time and give respect to others and their other work commitments.

Don’t fall asleep – This is self-explanatory. IF you feel that you will not mange to stay awake then have cup of strong coffee , a chocolate, or energy drink before the meeting.


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