What can you do if you hate your job

My Dream Job

Given the global slowdown and uncertainty over the past few years, many people have held onto their jobs even if they were miserable. There are signs that things are starting to improve, so for those of you who are not happy with your job, this is the time to start doing something about it.

Are you one of those people who hate Sunday evenings things about going to work the next day? When you are in the right job there is something to look forward to every day at work. Obviously, no job is perfect and there might be some irritations and snags, but overall you are satisfied and happy.

If you want to get out of the wrong job, here are few things you can start doing and prepare yourself for future market and economic upturns and opportunities:

Undertake a self-assessment – Be honest and ask yourself why you hate your current job. How long has you felt this way? Is it your current job role? Is it the corporate culture? Make a list of pros and cons and what you believe is your dream job.

Evaluate your career goals – Take the time to figure out what your career goals are and ask yourself where you would like to see yourself in 5 years. Will your current job be able to help you get to where you want to be? If not then what? If you know what you want, it makes it easier to put things into perspective.

Talk to your supervisor or boss – If you are unhappy with your current job role, working hours, compensation; it is a good idea to approach your supervisor, manager, or boss to discuss how you feel.

Change you job role without leaving – If you are happy with the company but not your current job role or supervisor, it might be a good idea to seek out a different position within the organization.

Seek out other opportunities at work – If there is an HR department, don’t be afraid to approach someone and ask about other opportunities within the organization. Offer to assist someone on a project to gain new skill and mentorship. Try make changes that will help boost your overall experience in the workplace.

Always maintain your professionalism – Even if you have reached a decision to quit, maintain your professionalism and work ethics and keep doing your job. Inform your superiors about your decisions and offer to help find a replacements. This will help with a recommendation letter and keep the door open if things don’t work out. Never burn bridges.

Do Not Quit – For those of you who have a job with a decent salary package and not totally unbearable, then just stay put. Change is always a difficult process and remember that quitting a finding a new job might not provide you with a better solution. Before you quit any job, change fields, or career path; make sure you are prepared, educated and qualified for the path you follow.

Check your attitude – Ask yourself what brought about this hatred for your job. Perhaps it was just one small experience when you were having a bad day that has left a bad taste in your mouth. Take a step back and let it go. Try keep a positive attitude and focus on the aspects of your job that you enjoy.

Leave you anger at home – Even if you are miserable at work and hate your job, you must not take this out on your clients or colleagues. Avoid all forms of gossip and complaining. Discuss your feelings with your co-workers but be careful


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