Morning routine tweaks to boost productivity

Boost Productivity

We all could use a boost of energy, productivity and self-control at the start of our day. Research has found a direct link between self-control and our energy levels, moreover this link is also finite and diminishes as the day goes by much like our muscles.

Like it or not, as the day goes by we all tend to lose and find it more difficult to exert self-control and focus on our job and tasks. As we lose self-control we start to feel tired and find it more difficult to complete tasks. There is also a direct negative effect on our mood.

This loss of self-control and exhaustion as the day goes by has a negative effect on our productivity, thus making the morning hours the most important and part of the day. It is the morning hours that we are most productive and should tackle our most difficult and important tasks.

The trick is not just to work during the morning hours but to do things that will increase our energy levels and make it last as long as possible. Research has revealed a few simple thing you can to do in the morning in order to maximize your energy throughout the day and boost productivity.

Whether you are a morning person or not, here are a few tips and tricks to incorporate into your daily morning routine to boost your day:

Begin the day with exercise – As little as 10 minute of exercise in the morning gets our neurotransmitter going and make our brain feel soothed and keeps our impulses in control.

Lemon and water – Before exercising, have a glass of lemon water to help spike your energy levels physically and mentally. Lemon helps to provide a steady level of energy that last the entire day and helps our stomach to absorb nutrients.

Avoid technology – Try to avoid any screen time which will detract you and make you lose focus and succumb to the needs and ants of other people. Keep the first hour of the day for you and set a positive calm tone for the day.

Don’t skip on a real breakfast – We always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast will help to avoid obesity, stabilize your blood-sugar levels, and help to avoid that hunger feeling over the course of the day. A healthy breakfast will make your day more productive.

Set a daily goal – People who set realistic and concrete goals generally have a higher level of confidence and feeling of control . When setting daily goals, make sure they are realistic and achievable. Unrealistic goals will only set you up for failure and disappointment.

Make sure your workspace is clean – When you arrive at work make sure to clean your workspace which will help you to increase your even of concentration. Research has shown that people who work in a clean workspace out-perform people with a cluttered space.

Start the day with your toughest tasks – Given that your energy levels and productivity are the highest in the morning, it is advisable to tackle the most difficult and important task first. Jump right into your task even before you check your email and social media and avoid any forms of distraction.

Create a to-do list with time parameters – To-do list help us not forget things but they can be misleading at times. Generally, to-do lists tell you about things to do but do not take into account the number of hours you have in the day. Adding time frames to your to-do list will help you to become a whole lot more productive. It will help you to avoid procrastinating or multi-tasking in order to complete things within the allotted time.

Don’t go over meeting schedules – Meeting are generally the biggest time wasters and can ruin your productive mornings. Don’t let your meeting drag on forever and over the schedules time allocated. Setting an sticking to meeting times will help motivate everyone to stay focused and efficient.

Never multitask – It is very tempting to try multitask in the morning when you are full of energy but it will set your whole day back. Many research studies have shown that multitasking is less productive than doing a single thing at a time. People that are bombarded with several streams of electronic information cannot pay attention, recall information, or switch from one job to another as well as those who tackle one task at a time. Multitasking reduces not performance and efficiency .

Learn to say ’No’ – Learning to say no is probably the most powerful and empowering word to learn to say and protect your precious morning routine. Being able to say no to new commitments will honor your existing commitments and allow you to complete your task that you set out to do. Not being able to say no will only increase your stress levels and hasten burnout and depression.


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