Common resume mistakes and blunders to avoid


Are you looking for job and sending out your resume but not getting any call backs for an interview. This could be due to your resume design and style. What is the perfect resume? It is difficult to create the perfect resume that stands out and over styling without going too far and making it to the point offing distracting.

A resume is a marketing document that showcases your skills and work accomplishments. However, for those people whose work is visual and better displayed in a portfolio, a resume can be difficult to create.

Writing the perfect resume is no easy feat. It is challenging to come up the correct balance in style, format, font and wording. When creating a resume, you want to try produce a document that will catch the recruiter’s eye and create interest, and persuade the recruiter to call you for a follow-up interview.

Here are a few tips and advise to creating the perfect resume:

Use a simple template – Generally, a recruiter will spend a few seconds looking at a resume. If your resume is too artsy or difficult to find the important information, it will probably land up in the trash.

Limit yourself to one page – Unless you are applying for an executive position, you should try to keep your resume to one page with a maximum of two. If you do have an extensive work history, then definitely include a summary highlights your expertise and skills.

Use the correct font and size – Make sure that your resume is easy on the eye and printed with the correct font size. If you need to squint your to read your resume, then it just land up in the trash. Never try to use a smaller font just to include more information.

Avoid using too much information – Highlight the most important points about your job description. use bullet points and short paragraphs to enhance readability.

Simple black and white – Use a simple font and never use colors. A good resume should be clear, legible and easy to read.

Run a spell check – A sure resume killer are misspelling and grammatical errors. Before sending out any resume, make sure to run a spell check and proofread it a few times. As a member of your family or a friend to read it.

Clear employment dates – When listing your employment history make sure that your employment dates are easy to identify. Don’t try camouflage or hide your employment history. Better to be honest on resume and get the call back.

No photo required – Remember you are applying for a job and not a beauty pageant. Recruiters are not looking to see what you look like. Rather they want to know more about experience and skills. Photos only cause distraction and according to statistics, the vast majority of resumes that include photos are passed over.

Avoid using too many bullet points – Don’t use more than 6 bullet points per job description. Its better to short, simple, clear and succinct job descriptions.

We all want our resume to stand out and the best resumes are those that are well written, clear and concise.


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