Customer service skills for every employee

Customer Service Tips

There are a few customer service skills that every business and employee needs to master to succeed and to avoid any customer service train-wreck and lose customers.

No matter what contact you have with customers, whether it is over the phone, face-to-face, in a shop, or in an office, good customer service skills is essential. The main benefit of good customer service is a happy customer who will likely return and/or tell others about the excellent experience they had in their dealings with your company. Word of mouth recommendation are the best form of free marketing a company wish for and extremely valuable.

Here are few customer service resolutions for any business and employee to adopt:

Hire better – No business can provide good customer service without hiring the right employees.
Improve employee training – The service an employee provides is only as good as the training they receive.
Greet customers with a smile – Be aware of your body language and always greet your customers with a smile.
Be patient – Always be patient with customers who are trying to reach out for support when they are confused and frustrated.
Customer proximity – Always stay visible and available to your customers but don’t hover and infringe on their space.
Empower employees – It is important for employees to feel that they are empowered to solve problems and ratify their customers without worrying about a manager looking over their shoulder.
Be proactive – Always be proactive and ask how you may be of service but don’t overdo it.
Use appropriate greetings – Be sure to use age-appropriate greeting and avoid referring to older customers and women as ‘guys’.
Let your customers talk – Never interrupt your customers even if they are angry and expressing their feelings. Wait for them to finish and release their frustrations and calm down.
Use clear communication skills – Always deal with the problem at hand without going into your life history.
Know your product or service – Makes sure that you are an expert about your product and services, and if you don’t know something don’t be afraid to seek assistance to answer any customer questions. The best forward-facing employees in your company will work on having a deep knowledge of how your product works.
Use the correct tone – Don’t smile, laugh or mock upset customers. Convey empathy with a soft tone.
Greet your customers correctly – The way you greet a customer is the first impression and interaction and far more memorable. Use an appropriate greeting to make your customer feel welcome.
Listen to your customer – If you don’t listen to your customer then you will not be able to help them effectively and meet their needs. The ability to really listen to customers is so crucial for providing great service for a number of reasons.
Never avoid customers – Never turn away, walk away, start a phone conversation, or hide behind a counter when a customer approaches.
Treat customers equally – Remember that all customers deserve the same attention regardless of their age or appearance.
Leave you cellphone in your bag – Make all personal calls on your break and never around customers.
Monitor customer body language – Learn to read body language and be aware if a customers requires your assistance.


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