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Self-confidence tips
One if the main things that hold people back and prevent them from following their dreams is fear of failure and lack of self-confidence. Even the greatest leaders lack self-confidence. Confidence cannot be learned, rather it is a state of mind. Positive thinking , practice, training, knowledge and talking to others are useful ways to improve and boost your self-confidence.

It is a feeling of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind and the belief in your personal ability, skills and experience. The lack of confidence stem from your fear of the unknown, criticism, lack of self-esteem, feeling unprepared, poor time-management, lack of knowledge and previous failures.

If you feel that you lack self-confidence, do not fear, there are many things you can do to change and increase your confidence. Boosting your self-confidence comes about when you take control of your life and concrete steps to improve your competence and self-image.

Successful people often exude confidence and believe in themselves and what they are doing. Stop doubting yourself. If you don’t believe in your ideas and abilities, then why should others.

Here are few things you can do and make the change:

  • Groom yourself and dress for success.
  • Photoshop your self-image and change the mental picture of yourself.
  • Change your thoughts and think positive while discarding all the negative thoughts.
  • Get to know yourself and think about the good things about yourself, what you do well, and things you like.
  • Avoid all the negativity around you and surround yourself with positivity.
  • Learn to say No because it is healthy and say no with confidence.
  • Take action and act positively.
  • Prepare yourself and do well at what ever you do.
  • Understand your core principles upon which your life is build and live by them.
  • Increase your competence through education and practice.
  • Be aware and change your body language and image.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and let go of the idea of perfectionism.
  • Practice being assertive without getting aggressive.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.
  • Find a mentor to help you to guide and show you the way to and path to success.
  • Set small realistic goals and make sure you achieve them.
  • Stop being a complainer and focusing on problem. Instead, focus on solutions and your career.
  • Understand and address your fears.
  • Volunteer for a good cause and improve the lives of others.
  • Make sure to exercise daily.
  • Empower yourself with knowledge.

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