How to be more productive and efficient

Increase your Productivity

Working harder is not always the key to success. Working productively, however, can produce far better results. As we all know, time is a limited commodity. The key success is not about working harder, rather it is about working smarter. There is a huge distinction between being busy and being productive.

Being busy does not necessity mean you are being more productive. It is less about time management and more about how you manage your energy each day. To be more productive you need to be able to spend the least amount of energy to get the most benefits.

Being a productive person is more about being able to work smarter, not harder, and making the most out of every day. Easier said than done, but getting more done every day in the least amount of time is achievable if you are not sabotaging yourself with bad habits.

To be more productive takes a serious amount of determination and thought. Here are few things you can change in your daily routine to be a more productive both at home and at work:

  • Avoid impulsive web browsing and getting sidetracked when surfing the net.
  • Stop multitasking and do not believe that multitasking is a better way to get things done.
  • Refrain from constantly checking your email throughout the day.
  • Always do your most important tasks and work earlier in the day.
  • Start automating all those repetitive tasks.
  • Avoid taking too many meetings. Nothing disrupts the flow of productivity like an unnecessary meeting.
  • A daily exercise routine is not healthy but also increases productivity.
  • Improve your time management skills and sign up for a course.
  • Tidy up your to-do list. If it is not absolutely necessary the get rid of it.
  • Try not be a perfectionist. The more perfectionist you are, the less productive you become.
  • Reduce your working day from 10 to 8 hours and work week form 6 to 5 days. The more you work, the less effective and productive you are going to become over both short and long-term.
  • Get rid of all those time thieves, activities or situations that distract or interrupt you from performing better.
  • Make sure you are always hydrated during the day.
  • Challenge your thoughts and develop a more productive mindset. Productive people think very differently than others.
  • Do not sit all day. Rather forego coffee or fluorescent-lighted conference-room meetings for a walking meeting.
  • Try getting an early start and make more time for productive work.
  • Schedule your more important tasks during your peak performance times.
  • Learn to delegate and avoid trying to do everything yourself.
  • Prioritize your goals. Having lots of goals does not translate into success.
  • Meticulous planning of your daily routine and schedule does not make you more productive given that things don’t always go according to plan.
  • Never charge your phone next to your bed overnight and let that LED screen damage your vision and suppress production of melatonin.

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