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There is no doubt that continuing education and returning to school can benefits any employee in many ways. Continuing with your education can help any employee to become more proficient in their current job role, as well prepare them for better opportunities and increase your chances of promotions. Not only does continuing education benefits employees, acquiring more skills also benefits employers in may ways.

Over the upcoming holiday season, take the time to think about your current work and job status, and what would drive your career to the next level. According to Pew Research Center, there are huge financial benefits and payoffs with continuing education. Research has shown that college graduates who work full-time earn far more annual when compared with those who only hold a high school diploma. Additionally, continuing education is good for your health and wellness and can help you grow intellectually based on 74% of graduate students interviewed by Pew Research Center

Make you career about doing what you love – For some people work is just a job and helps to pay the monthly bills, but you have to enjoy what you do. Before you rush to sign up for a course, it is important to take the time to do some soul-searching and think about your passions and what excites you. If you are creative, then you might be the perfect fit for marketing. Or if you enjoy a particular sport, consider sport management. A good start is to scan what degrees are out there and try match them to your inner passion.

Technology can provide you freedom to study – Today, there are many online education intuitions that offer online degrees and courses that can help you stay on top of your studies by putting the classroom, school library, teacher communications, grades—almost everything—at your fingertips, anywhere. For those of you that have a busy schedule and family life, this might be the perfect way to continue with your education.

Online degrees still have a social scene – Online degrees and study groups provide a number of benefits ranging from sharing notes, working in groups on projects, and getting the support from fellow students. Just like being in a campus environment. Both in-person and online study groups have the same rules: set up goals, guidelines, and schedules, and you’ll get maximum rewards. One difference with online groups is that you can connect socially with people from around the country or even globally.

Improved networking opportunities – An important lesson for any student is the importance of networking. Don’t wait until you have completed your studies and degree to think about career opportunities. While you are studying you should take advantage of your school community and teachers, especially if it is an online degree. It is most likely that you will find different experiences and perspectives, not to mention the number of contacts you will make which come in handy when you have to start sending out this resumes. Another important thing to do is to take the time and make the effort to attend some local networking events.


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