Trivial mistakes that can ruin your job interview

Job interview questions

If you are asked if you are ready and prepared for your upcoming job interview, you would more than likely answer yes and rattle off the basics. I have updated my resume and cover letters. I have done my research and have a thorough understanding of the company you are interviewing with. I am ready and have prepared some interesting questions for the interviewer.

However, no matter how much you have prepared, and no matter how well the interview went; you are still not receiving that vital call-back for a second interview. You are wondering with all your preparations and confidence, why is your inbox is still empty.

Yes, there could be many reasons why you did not get the second interview for the prospective job. It could be that the job was filled internally by a family member of the VP. In the event that you realize a pattern where you are landing the job interview but not being called back, it is most likely that you are doing something else wrong that is placing you in a negative light in the eyes of the interviewer and not aware of.

Here are a few basic pitfalls in your job interview process and preparation that could be preventing you from landing the second interview and very easy to resolve:

Have you updated your social media accounts – It is a well know fact that the vast majority of interviewers will do a background check of your social media accounts like Facebook. If you have forgotten to check the security settings, it could be that crazy party and drinking game you played a few years back is preventing that vial call-back.

It is a vital part of the job interview process that you update you social media accounts and remove any incriminating evidence that would allow the interviewer you have a negative attitude towards you. Or simply by checking your security setting to restrict access to your account. Make sure that what you do opt to leave public presents you in a positive light.

Check your digital footprint – In today’s fast paced working environment and the internet, it is most likely that you have left a digital footprint and perhaps forgotten about it. Apart from being able to search the internet by name, interviewers can also search via other key factors like the school you went to or your hometown.

Try a Google search of your name and see what comes up. Clear your browser cache file and try a personal search of your name, your current and past titles, companies and current location. If you still coming on Myspace, then it is time to delete these old relics and data.

What is your current email address – You might have created an email account way back then and think that DogLover1968 is a perfectly acceptable address. However, from the interviewers perspective this is unprofessional. Before sending out any job application, it is a good idea to create a new email account that is professional and closely tied to you name. If you have a common name, try add underscore or a period to break your name up. If that does not work, the try something that related to your profession. If this does work, then try suing a different email provider.

How do you exit your interview – This does not refer to the common handshake and thank you after the close of the interview. Most people leave an interview and allow themselves to switch off as they leave the building and return to you car. Try to prevent this. It is suggested that you wait until you have completely left the premises before ripping off that tie and jacket or heels and start checking you mobile phone and Facebook, for example. Remember, you still in professional mode until such time as you have completely out of sight.

What time is your interview – Granted, the time of interview is sometimes out of your control. But if you are asked what time suites you to come to the interview, try arranging the interview for the middle of the week around mid morning. Very early interviews are not ideal given recent studies that show most interviewers are very busy during these times. Also, being the last is also not ideal given that interviewers are tired and fatigued and all they want to do is go home. The ideal time to arrange an interview is mid-week since your interview is not playing Monday morning catchup, or thinking about weekend plans during the late Friday interview.

In conclusion, it is important to be conscious of the fact that the most trivial things you can think of can actually make or break you during the interview process. Don’t let that embarrassing Facebook post or bad interview time ruin your chances of landing that dream job. Be prepared and an informed interviewee.


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