How focus can improve your productivity and performance

Work Productivity

How often have you wished there were more hours in a day? Every entrepreneur and the majority of working professional always wish there were a few more working hours in the day to complete tasks and get work done. Some may think that multi-tasking is the only way to get ahead. However, research has shown that people who try to jump from task to task in fact are harming their overall work performance and productivity.

If you want to improve your work performance and productivity, you need to follow some basic rules and practices in order to stay focused and aware of all the activities your are performing. Following these basic rules will improve your productivity, reduce your stress levels, increase job satisfaction, and add to your overall sense of well-being.

One of the best ways to improve your work performance is to focus directly on the task your are dealing with for a few minutes without any distractions. Definitely, do not try to multi-task because this will cause your mind and focus to fragment, resulting in underperformance in the tasks you are dealing with.

Here are a few strategies and habits outlined by Rasmus Hougaard in his book “One Second Ahead” that can help keep you focused and improve your overall performance.

Always be fully present and engaged in your current task – In order to be focused you need to be present and always paying full attention to the people, objects, and ideas around you. Always try to consciously be present when interacting with team members, clients, in a meeting, or even at home.

Always give honest and constructive feedback – Always show kindness and compassion when giving feedback to others. Take a moment to thank how you would want others to treat you. Make kindness an everyday part of your life when interacting with others around you and pay attention, give respect and understanding to others, and accept show acceptance. Not only will you improve your own performance but also this around you, and you walk away with a feeling of happiness.

Better to deliver a rational responses instead of impulsive reactions – To do this you need patience and the ability to stay cool-headed and calm in stressful situations. A good way to do this is to stop and take a few breaths before allowing yourself to react.

Actively seek out those moments of joy in the working day – To cultivate the joy of your job, you need to be able to anticipate those things and activities that bring about inner peace and calm. This is different for every person. Some might need a few minutes of silence and quiet time to reflect. Others might need some laughter.

Have a balanced focus between instant gratification and work discomfort – Try to identify those task that come easy for you, like email and texting, versus those tasks that are a little tougher like customer complaints or confrontation with co-workers.

Let go of those heavy and demanding thoughts and distractions – A powerful mental strategy is to be able to let go and clear your mind. This will help to refocus on the task on hand. Let go of all those problems and distractions circling in your head such as the email you need to answer or text message your still have not sent yet.

Avoid fighting with problem you know you cannot solve – Accept the fact that not all problems can be solved. Anger and frustration will not solve anything, rather it will add to your problems. All it does is decrease your productivity and effect your overall well-being. Accept and move on without holding any grudges after exhausting all options.

We all face information overload on a daily basis and pressure to work quicker. Our attention and focus is alway being tested, and continuously under siege; effecting our overall performance and productivity. Trying these suggestion above will not only improve your productivity but also add to your overall sense of well-being and health.


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