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How can you stand out and nail that upcoming job interview? What can you do to ensure that your interviewer sees and understands who you are, your true value and skills. How can you impress your interviewer and make sure you are the best candidate for the job?

In most job interviews, interviewers will try to screen potential candidates to make sure that their values align with company values. Interviewers will also try to ask questions that will reveal who you are. Recruiters will also try to create a relaxed environment to put you at ease to help discover more about the potential candidate.

The job interview is where you need convey who you really are and it is up to the interviewer to ensure that it’s an accurate face.

Here are a few guidelines of what you can do before your next job interview:

Before the interview

  • Ask yourself what your mission in life is and why you are interested in the position.
  • Ask yourself what is the most important thing in life and how will you be able to honor this through your work.
  • Does the job align with your professional and career aspirations or are you just looking for a paycheck?
  • Do you share the same values and vision of the company?

It is important that you prepare yourself and do some background research about the company so that you can impress the interviewer.

  • Understand and know what the company’s mission, vision, and values are and how they resonate with you. Have you been able to demonstrate these values in previous work or life experiences?
  • Embrace the tribal mentality whereby you are all in this together and every person’s contribution counts and important.
  • Are you prepared to discuss with your interviewer how you perform on a bad day.

During the interview

  • Try to speak the same language so that the interviewer sees you as similar to them.
  • Listen to questions and provide appropriate feedback and what the interview craves.
  • Mirror your interviewer with body posture, gestures, and vocal tone.
  • Bring visual aids to convey that you understand the challenges of the position and your strategies and solutions to deal with these challenges.

After the interview

It is important to send a thank-you note and better if this is hand written and personal. Also, make sure that it is easy for your interviewer to contact current and previous supervisors and peers for reference calls.

Source: Christine Comaford


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