Thinking of leaving your job? How to start your job search

Job Search Steps

You are comfortable and feel secure in your job. The working environment is good, you get along and like most of your co-workers, and your salary is not bad at all. You understand and have adapted to your boss’s management style. But your little voice and gut are telling you that this job is not what you want to be doing for the rest of your career. Yes, it is very easy to be risk averse and accept the stability of your job, your bonus is coming up soon and you have no energy or desire to spend long nights preparing cover letters and searching the job listings.

Even if you are currently comfortable in your job but deep down know that you will eventually leave, then it is time for you to start taking baby steps in the direction of something later. This does not mean you need to jump into the deep end and search for a new job. There are small things that you can do that are easy and will not take too much time or effort but will help you down the line when you eventually do leave your job.

Here are few suggestions of things you can to start your job search and find that dream career:

Arrange informational interviews – Lunch breaks are for grabbing a sandwich and surfing through your Facebook and Twitter account. You can also use this time to catch up with friends and old co-workers and people you have met through your job. These meetings can be fun and put you on the radar for when you actually do start your job search and use your network, the best starting point.

Personal insight and analysis – Take the time to sit down and undertake a personal audit of your skills, hopes, and desires. Then try match these with a job and career. A good starting point is just by to talking to people in different career fields about their jobs. Ask questions about the pros and cons of the job. You can also set up informational interviews with current employees of other companies. Make a list of companies that excite you and take note of all potential roles. The number of potential roles will get smaller as your job search progresses.

Maximize your current job – When you start getting back into the job search you will discover and hear about skills and responsibilities employers are looking for. There is no better place than your current job to try improving your skill-set. Does your company offer training programs? Is there a conference where learn something new and network? Are there courses you can take to upgrade your skills? Is there a special project or initiative you’ve been interested in, even if it’s in a different department or not totally related to your role?

Update your online social media profiles and resume – You might not always be looking for a new job but this does not mean recruiters cannot come to you. So if you want to start putting out feelers, then you need to take some time to update your LinkedIn profile and other social platforms where recruiters can access your details and career information. Update your photo, have a creative headline, compelling and informative summary, and invite people to contact you.

Join online groups and discussions – To gain more insight into different jobs, you can also join online groups and take part in the discussion. Not can you ask questions about specific jobs but it is also a great way to network and broadening your online presence.

Job Fairs – If there are any jobs fairs happening over the weekend, then get dressed and take the time to see what jobs companies are offering. It can also allow you to network and have some informal discussions with company representatives.


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