Basic steps to secure your Facebook account

Facebook security tips

For millions of people, Facebook has become the no.1 social media platform on the Web. Most people will login to their account daily across numerous devices but never log out of their account.

There have been many news stories and headlines about security problems and it is important that Facebook users know that they can protect their accounts. Recent studies have revealed that Facebook users are very concerned about their account security. Part of the responsibility of any member of an online community is to educate yourself on how to properly configure the privacy and security settings of the platform.

Here are few guidelines and basic tips to secure and protect your Facebook account:

Create a secure password – Probably the most obvious recommendation is to create a safe password that is not used anywhere else on the web.

Facebook automated privacy checkup – Go through Facebook’s Privacy Checkup which will allow you to quickly set the most important privacy setting.

Facebook automated security check – Like the Privacy Checkup, the Security Checkup allows users to quickly review their security setting and if necessary change their basic security setting.

Two-Factor Authentication – Experts believe that if users are going to change only one security feature, this should be the one. Two-Factor authentication provides users an extra layer of security when logging into their account form a different device.

Validate and confirm mobile number – Confirming your mobile number will allow you reset your password via SMS.

Backup data plan – If you are afraid that you might lose all those precious photos, thoughts, and comments to a hacker, relax. Facebook has now built in a backup plan via their ‘Trusted Contacts’. Trusted Contacts allows you to access your account with security codes via pre-approved trusted friends.

Activate secure browsing – Turning on secure browsing will limit access to your account by external applications that are integrated into Facebook and prevent any harm or taking your personal information without your knowledge or approval.

Keep track of apps with access to your information – If you used your Facebook account to login to an app and have forgotten about the app, then that app could still have access to your personal information. Check all apps that are linked to your account and remove those you don’t trust or regular use.

Review your activity log – If you think suspicious activity on your account or just curious about what you have posted or Liked, then go to your Activity Log to review your account.


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