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Linkedin Job Search Tips

Research and career expert all agree that a LinkedIn account and profile is essential for anyone looking for a job. It is a social media platform that can instantly convey your latest accomplishments, ambitions and changes in employment status to thousands of colleagues, bosses and potential employers . Even if you are not looking for a job, LinkedIn can also be a passive job search for all those hiring managers and recruiters who use this social platform to search for new candidates.

In order to make LinkedIn work for you, it is essential that you take the time to update and tweak your profile from time to time. Here are a few hints and advice of what you should be doing with your profile and online resume.

Use LinkedIn’s customized URL – When you open an account and create a profile you can create your own URL. It is a good idea to use your first and last name which will help drive your page to the top of search engines.

Add a photo – Add a professional headshot photo of yourself. Research has shown that profiles that contain a photo are seven times more likely to be viewed.

Find and event and do some face to face networking – Make use of the LinkedIn network and find events that in your career field and this events that you that your connections are attending or interested in. As beneficial online social networking can be, it is a good idea to do some face to face networking.

Publish and share your thoughts and ideas – It is a good idea to write and share articles and your opinion on a regular basis. LinkedIn research has shown that people who share are 10 times more likely to have their profile viewed by hitting managers.

Create a short descriptive career summary – Rewrite a crisp and detailed summary of your career not longer than 300 words and talk about your yourself and career including specific and quantifiable achievements.

Follow your dream company – There are millions of company pages on Linked and it is recommended to follow those companies that you want to do business with.

Join job groups – Join a group discussion and share your opinions and contribute to the group discussion. this will allow others to hear what you have to say and build your personal brand as a helpful expert.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Most jobs are found through networking. Once you have connected with someone, it is a good idea to send a personal customized message to say that you are looking for a job. Ask for advice or even an informational interview, or perhaps if they know someone in your desired career field that they can introduce you to.

Update your career experience – This is your online resume and should include all relevant jobs that will build your career, not only your most recent.

Tell us about your skills – List your skills and tell potential employers what you can do. Listing your skills also gives connections the chance to endorse you for your skills.

Solicit recommendations – It is also a good idea to get as many recommendations from your boss, former boss and possibly colleagues. It is also okay to write your own recommendation then ask the person to read it and post it.

Showcase your online history – if you have any websites or blogs to showcase your work, then include this in you profile.

Network, network, network – Probably one of the most important ways to advertise your personal brand is to beef up your connections. When you invite people to connect with you, always remember to include a brief personal note.


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