Simple ways to get rid of your belly fat

Reduce your belly Fat

According to research, most adults are not happy about their abdominal tone and strive to have a flatter stomach or lose stomach fat altogether. At any time, this number is either increasing or decreasing but never stagnant. Everyone has some belly fat, even those people lucky to have flat abs. Don’t stress, this is normal, but too much fat can affect your health in ways that other fat doesn’t.

Not only is belly fat unflattering, but it is also linked to many healthy issues like bloating, heartburn, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and many others. Our bodies start to gain weight in our midsection when our cortisol levels spike. One of the main culprits of this is stress which cause our besides to secrete high levels of cortisol. Cortisol breaks down lean muscle and hold onto fat storage in our abdominal section of our bodies.

If you want to lose your belly fat and reduce the build up of cortisol secretion, you need spend more time each day burning your fat than storing it and over time you will get rid of it forever. The good news is losing belly fat is not as difficult as you would think.

Here are few suggestion and tips I have put together and I urge you to try incorporate a few of these into your daily lives:

  • Eat more protein – You burn more calories from protein as compared to carbs.
  • Read labels on the foods you buy – Avoid any food that contain high-fructose corn syrup.
  • Get off your ass – rather do exercise standing instead of sitting.
  • Increase your high-fibre intake – High fibre can be considered good carbs. They help to bulk up the space in your stomach and makes your feel full.
  • Get rid of large dinner plates – Eat your meals off smaller plates. Even if you fill your plate, you will be eating less.
  • Mix up your exercises – When you exercise try to mix up sets between lower body and upper body.
  • Embrace the yard work and chores – View any type of physical activity as a way to burn fat and condition your body like mowing the lawn or cleaning the floors.
  • Increase your water intake – Try drink at lest 10 cups of water a day. When you feel you need a snack between meals, reach for a bottle of H2O.
  • Snack on low-calorie food – For snacks try eating dill pickles, celery, or baby carrots.
  • Set yourself challenges – Set yourself personal goals and try break your record. Try run or walk farther in the same amount of time.
  • Cut our those carbs – Cutting out carbs from your diet has been proven to help drop those extra pounds.
  • Ask for substitutions at a restaurant – When eating out substitute your side dishes of pasta, potatoes, fries, for vegetables.
  • Try interval and fartlek training – Try mix up your running with periods of fast and slow intervals with changes in direction. The force of changing momentum and direction will boost fat burning.
  • Spoil yourself once a week – Reward yourself with a meal and break your diet at least once a week for all your hard work.
  • Make sure to get enough sleep – Try to get at least 8 hours of quality sleep.
  • Change your salad dressing – Research has shown that acidic foods like vinegar and lemon help to burn body fat and increase carb combustion.
  • Never skip meals – When you skip meals your body goes into a catabolic and breaks down muscle tissue while conserving fat.
  • Don’t be a couch potato – Switch off that TV and spend more time outdoors and on your feet or in the gym.
  • Start doing weight training – For this lazy people out there, you will not believe what a 10 minute workout three times a week can do.
  • Avoid those potatoes – Stop eating any form of potatoes, either mashed or baked, including fresh fries and potato chips.
  • Monitor your portion sizes – Be aware of the portion sizes you eat. You don’t have to eat everything o your plate. You can always take home a doggy bag.
  • Buy a scale – Weigh yourself at least twice a day. Don’t stress about the numbers but at least keep track of the general range of what you weigh.
  • Brush your teeth after each meal – Research in Japan has shown that the fresh minty flavor makes you less likely to snack between meals.
  • Never skip breakfast – We have always heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast helps to regulate our insulin levels and hunger.
  • Enjoy your snack between meals – Snacking between meals will avoid that ravenous feeling and avoid the over eating at luck and dinner.
  • Track your calories – Download a fitness app and track your daily calorie intake. Most apps also monitor the steps you take daily and amount of calories you lose.
  • Try sprint intervals – Try mixing up your exercise with all out sprints with brief periods of rest. This is one of the most effective forms of cardio for fat loss.
  • Shop for one – Avoid buying those large family style bags and packs of food.

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