Effective corporate social responsibility program tips

Corporate social responsibility programs

In today’s business world, companies have created corporate social responsibility programs, but does this mean that these companies have truly become good corporate citizens? In some instances, corporate social responsibility is nothing than just a marketing trick to drive sales and brand awareness but poorly executed. To add to this, they struggle to get their employees excited and involved in giving back to the community.

There are some success stories especially with those companies that give back to the communities in which they do business and they have had a huge impact on the local communities. At the same time they have improved company morale.

Here are a few tips and guidelines every company should follow when creating an effective corporate social responsibility program:

Create a corporate culture focused on doing good – To ensure the success of any corporate social responsibility program, companies need to make sure that these programs are an intrinsic part of the company and not an afterthought. Programs should be part of the foundations of the company core values and culture. If so, the social responsibility programs will become an extension of the companies mission and core culture.

What are your employee interests and passions – To ensure the success of any corporate social responsibility programs, companies should find out and support charities or causes that their employees are passionate about. By doing this, programs will be an easy sell to employees and will offer a better sense of job fulfillment, increase employee engagement, and increase the level of job satisfaction.

Pay employees to volunteer – A growing trend among companies that are truly committed to corporate social responsibility programs is paid volunteer time off. Research has shown that companies that provide volunteer opportunities as part of their job descriptions build loyalty among employees. Not to mention what it does for team morale, productivity, and employee retention.

Promote customer participation – An excellent way to get customers involved is to look at the local community and invest in projects that are needed or lacking which will uplift and improve the lives of people in the community. This could be investing in local youth programs and centers, or even schools in the area.

Make the corporate social responsibility programs an annual event – Companies should find a cause, whether it be local or national, that will uplift and improve a community and make it an annual event for all the company and all employees. Companies should encourage their employees to get involved and make sure that philanthropy remains an important part of the corporate social responsibility corporate culture.

Undertake employee surveys and get feedback – To make sure that corporate social responsibility programs are working and having an impact on employees, companies need to access the feelings and reactions of their employees. Based on the results companies can then adjust and improve their programs. Like many companies with successful programs, one will find a direct positive correlation between social responsibility programs and employee fulfillment and job satisfaction. Not to mention the many other advantages and benefits for the company.

To sum up, in order for any corporate social responsibility programs to succeed, companies need to take the extra step and go beyond philanthropy. Successful social responsibility programs not only boost employee satisfaction and morale but also the bottom line of the company.


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