Habits of happy people at work

Happiness at work
Research has revealed that there are simple, concrete things you can do to feel more positive and happier. Like working out and eating healthy takes effort and commitment, being happy at work is something you have work on. It’s a skill that can be learn but takes practice.

Here are a few habits and daily routines you can adopt in pursuit of your happiness at work:

Affirmative staff recognition – Positive recognition of your staff not only increases staff happiness, moral and job satisfaction, but will also make you feel good.

Smile regularly – Smiling not only shows others around that you are feeling good but will also get your endorphins moving and make you feel happier and lower your stress levels.

Never focus on the clock – We all have experiences one of those days that just seems to drag on and all you can think about end of the work day and leaving. Clock watching only makes the day longer. Rather focus on work and set small goals and task for yourself.

Don’t hold grudges – A key to happiness at work and home is to let go of grudges. Not something easy to do but with practice you will succeed.

Take care of your health – Exercising regularly will help to boost your energy levels and will make a huge difference in how you feel.

Don’t forget to laugh – Laughing is good for your internal functions, as it reduces blood pressure and stress, releases endorphins, and causes a general sense of well-being.

Follow a balanced nutrition plan – Eating healthy will avoid health issues that cause stress level to  rise. The food you eat will have an impact on how you feel.

Don’t be afraid to delegate – Delegating task to employees will build loyalty amongst staff but also will reduce your stress levels and pressures of deadlines. You will also get the satisfaction of managing your department knowing that all tasks are taken care of.

Create goals and celebrate your victories – Break your larger tasks into smaller goals that you can celebrate once achieved. Celebrating your achievements release dopamine, a brain chemical related to happiness and motivation.

Find your passion – We all can fantasize about that dream job that pays well, work with likable colleagues and still be home in time for dinner. But the perfect position might not exist. Rather focus on how you think about your current situation.

Acknowledge your life accomplishments – Looking back at past accomplishments helps to relive the joy of your past successes and produces that all-important serotonin in the brain.

Take responsibility for your action – Taking responsibility for your actions will help you to avoid the stress of trying to blame someone else and the ensuing relationships issues that will follow. Taking responsibility keeps your integrity intact – and that feels good.

Avoid eating lunch at your desk – Take a break and leave the office for lunch. The break from the office environment and fresh air will make you feel good and refreshed.

Get a full nights sleep – Getting a good night sleep will not only improve your productivity but also your mood and level of happiness.

Pick your battles to fight – By carefully selecting the battles you wish to fight will reduce stress and improve your overall happiness. Others will also listen to you and respect you opinion when you do choose to express yourself.

Take time to reduce stress – Taking a break is essential given the intense business world. This could include a weekend getaway, meditating each, or even hanging out with friends and family.


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