How to get the most out of Twitter

Twitter Benefits
We all know how popular Twitter is amongst celebrities and athletes. Twitter can also be a powerful tool for companies and brands to connect with its customers, employees, and business partners only if used correctly.

Benefits of Twitter include increased brand awareness and a renewed sense of thought leadership, not to mention improved website traffic and conversions.

You make being asking yourself how do I use it or how does it work? Even you you understand the workings of Twitter, sometimes it is difficult to come up with the right thing to say and when to say it.

For all those entrepreneurs who want to build their brand, increase visibility, and grow your reputation, follow the Twitter habits of the savviest account holders.  Here are a few examples of what they do and benefits:

Use Twitter and stay active – The most effective Twitter users are those that stay active. Don’t just reserve an account name. Use it to the hilt. Engage your audience and engage.

Create a Hashtag – Try create a unique twitter hashtag you own and use this hashtag on other platforms like YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and Facebook. Hashtags improve your online visibility and with a unique hashtag, that presence becomes more valuable.

Always respond to Notifications – Twitter is social platform that allows you to engage and part of the business personal branding. You can schedule tweets or post tweets spontaneously. Smart entrepreneurs know that scheduling saves time, but spontaneity increases engagement levels. Both are important.

Use Twitter as a learning platform – Twitter is not only a social platform to for personal use and company branding, but it can also be used to learn. The platform can be used to engage in a real time conversation about business, entrepreneurship, industry information, tips, hacks, techniques, and anything else that pertains to your niche. Control the feed you receive and when you receive them. Use ‘tailored trends” and choose relevant topics. Create lists of people that you want to follow.

Retweet and stand out – Reweeting your messages can help you build your reputation and visibility. Perhaps tweet in the morning and then retweet at the end of the day. Tweeting the same tweet two to four times saves you time, communicates your passions, improves your reach, and connects you with the people who matter.

Benefits of Twitter include the following:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Keep up with the latest trends in your industry
  • Promote your blog content, videos, presentations, etc.
  • Boost your website SEO
  • Drive website traffic
  • Get instant feedback about your products and/or services
  • Increase the reach and impact of your PR initiatives
  • Gather real-time competitive intelligence
  • Monitor your brand reputation
  • Support your recruiting efforts by connecting directly with potential employees
  • Gain direct access to high profile individuals


To make the most out of Twitter all you need to do is talk about what you are doing,   share you passions, talk about things you love. Passion is contagious.


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