How to make your To-Do list work for you

End of day To-Do ListDo you feel overwhelmed with thing you need to do and that there are not enough hours in the day. Well, you are not alone. To increase your productivity, time management, and reduce stress levels you need to create effective and efficient to-do lists. By creating organized lists you will be able to create a healthy balance between life and work.

It is simple to create your to-do list and it could change your life but there is a right way and wrong way when creating your list. Whether you are creating a shopping list or planning a vacation, there are simple ways to and mistakes that most people make that prevent the list from being effective.

In order to create an effective list you need to understand that not all task are created equal. Given the pressures we face both at work and home, it is important to make efficient lists and focus on things that matter. When you create a list you need to place each item in context – energy-based context, time-based context, priority-based context, and work/life-based context.

Here are few ideas to help you create efficient and productive to-do lists:

Separate you lists – Create separate lists for different areas of you life. Avoid mixing work and personal life tasks into one list. By separating your lists will help you to view list without the need and time wasting task of deciphering and prioritizing.

Create one place for all you lists – Avoid using scraps of paper and envelopes to create lists. Keep all you lists in one place that is easily accessible. Keeping your lists where you can access them quickly will make all the difference. It could a notepad that you keep in your bag or an app that you could reference across digital platforms.

Why do lists keep on growing – Make a daily to-do lists and prioritize each item. Place the most important things to do in separate list. Always be sure to pace things on your lists that you have time and resources to complete. Smaller lists will set you up for confidence booster daily wins and allow you to move on to the next task.

Outsource and delegate tasks – Even if you are able to complete a task on your list does not mean you need to do it. Take a look at your to-do items and identify which items you can delegate and free up your time.

Organize your mind and thoughts – A to-do list will help you organize your mind and give you the opportunity to plan your actions and get all your task done. Writing down your task send a strong message to your subconscious, enabling you to take action and get things done.

Start feeling productive – It is always a great feeling being able to look at your lists and see that everything has been checked off. This gives you back control. It also gives you a positive productive feeling and this alone is worth keeping lists for.

Let your to-do list create order – Creating a to-do list will help you stay focused and improve your productivity. Break down all the things to need to do from one long list into separate manageable lists. A to-do list not only creates order but also gives you a strategy for getting things done.

Improve your time management – There are many time management techniques to help you keep organized and efficient. A good to-do one way for you to quickly and effortlessly get into the habit of time management like a professional… which in turn will help you achieve your goals!

Keep lists organized and current – there is change that every time you look at your to-do list you become overwhelmed and stressed. Organize you on a daily basisĀ  or even go as far as making your list hour by hour. Separate your lists by day, project, deadline. Go one step further and separate personal and work lists.

Reduce your stress levels – Getting things done and moving forward efficiently will give you the chance to sit back and relax, and take that well-deserved break.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.


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