Rewarding high paying non-desk jobs and careers

Boring desk job
A good paying job and an active working environment cannot occur at the same time. Is this correct? Good news for those individuals who do not want to find themselves sitting in a cubicle and chained to desk all day.

By far, the vast majority of good paying jobs require extensive postgraduate degrees, however there are many non-desk jobs that do not require four year degrees and also offer a good hourly salary.

There are numerous non-desk job that pay above average hourly salaries that do not require formal degrees according to a research study CareerBuilder.

The survey highlighted that individuals working in non-desk jobs are twice as likely to complain or express discontent with their occupation and work environment, but they were far less likely to be overweight. Not only do non-desk jobs  offer great environments and a slimmer waistline—they can offer bigger paychecks.

Over the last decade, there has been a huge shift from labour intensive jobs to a professional services economy given the huge profits and gains associated with information and service industry occupations. Having said this, one of the fastest areas of job growth are associated with middle-skill occupations that do not require individuals to sit behind a desk in front of a computer for 45 hours a week.

Here is a list of the best high paying non-desk jobs:

Health care occupations  
Dental hygienist
Diagnostic medical sonographer
Occupational therapy assistant

Construction and extraction occupations  
Elevator installer and repairer
Rotary drill operator, oil and gas

Installation and maintenance occupations  
Electrical power-line installer and repairer
Avionics technician
Signal and track switch repairer

Architecture and engineering occupations  
Mechanical engineering technician
Industrial engineering technician
Electro-mechanical technician

Green energy occupations
Wind turbine service technician
Solar photovoltaic installer

Miscellaneous non-desk occupations 
Massage therapist
Travel guide
Fitness trainer and aerobics instructor


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