Questions to ask before accepting a job

Job offer questions
In the current job market just being offered a job – your dream job or not – is exciting, however you need to take the time to ask yourself if this is the right position for you. Are you accepting an offer and selling yourself short before you know the details what the the job offer, the role, or the the company.

Before accepting any job offer it is important to take the the time and sure the job meets your needs and is the right position for you. Understandable, the job searching process can be extremely stressful and slow; and you might feel compelled to accept the first offer out there. Even in this situation you need to make sure you it is right for you. You don’t want to put into the ‘job hoppers’ club.

From the get-go, you need to do a self-evaluation and know what you want and truly explore if the job position will satisfy your desires and career plan. Here is a list of questions (not all) to consider before accepting any job offer.

  • Is this a long-term career move? If this is a short-term career move?
  • Does this position challenge my mental abilities?
  • Am I capable of, and comfortable with, doing the tasks for which I would be responsible?
  • Do I fully understand the expectations of the role?
  • Will the company provide me with the necessary resources to be successful?
  • Does this position utilize my talents and skills?
  • Will I be proud to be associated with the company’s brand, product and/or services?
  • Does the company culture appear to be in line with my values?
  • Is the office location a comfortable distance from home? Will the commute potentially be a problem and if so, how will I overcome it?
  • Have my interactions with other employees been comfortable and friendly?
  • Can you see yourself fitting in and getting along with other employees socially?
  • Does my direct supervisor appear to be a supportive individual from whom I can learn?
  • Is the work environment conducive to my own work style?
  • Will job role fulfill you professionally and satisfying?
  • Will the pay package satisfy your desirable lifestyle. If not, does it have the potential to in the future?
  • What exactly is included in the benefits package?
  • What is covered in the health insurance package and when does insurance plan begin?
  • Is dental covered under health insurance plan?
  • Are there any gym membership discounts  or other perks?
  • Does the company offer Life or long-term disability Insurance?
  • How much paid vacation do you receive per year. Is it accrued over time? Does it carry over to next year? What if you don’t take leave, how will you be compensated?
  • Do you receive any sick or personal days?
  • What if about religious holidays? Are these days part your annual leave?
  • Does company offer cell phones or are you reimbursed for calls on your personal phone?
  • Will you be given fuel allowance if you drive to work? will you be compensated for using public transport?
  • What are the office hours? Are hours flexible? Can you work from home?
  • Do your receive overtime pay?
  • Do you offer a stock/equity package? What are the details?
  • How do you get paid, weekly, monthly?
  • How are bonuses calculated?

Most important, will this job offer advance your long-term career plan and satisfy your personal needs.


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