How get noticed and promoted at work

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Going to work every day and completing your daily tasks might not be enough if you are looking to be noticed or promoted. In order to get great assignments or that promotion to high level jobs, you will need get yourself noticed and stand out from your fellow team workers end employees.

Do you feel that no one notices you? You are never chosen to be part of new projects? There is a new employee who is always get new assignments? Are you asking yourself why you never get noticed at work?

You might feel that you are an introvert at work and better at brainstorming tasks and tasks that demand your  inner world of thoughts, ideas, reflections and even memories. A common mistake made about introverts is that they are thought to be timid and afraid. Even-though extroverted people get more noticed at work, there are ways to level the playing field and get ahead in the workplace.

The reality about getting noticed or that promotion, is that those individuals are doing far more than just getting the work done. In other words, doing your job and being good at it, is just not enough. Getting noticed and likable at work is a huge indicator of career success.

Here are some of the best ways to get noticed at work.

  • Make sure you do an excellent job with every task, every day.
  • Step forward and raise your hand and volunteer for projects and assignments.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and work hard at getting along with your fellow employees.
  • Take initiative and assist your boss with their to-do list.
  • Avoid all office politics and stay focused on growth, innovation, and opportunity.
  • Avoid all gossip mongering and never talk smack.
  • Prove yourself to others through your work.
  • Take credit for your work without bragging.
  • Use social media to connect and contact individuals prior to face-to-face introductions.
  • Get involved and participate in the office’s extracurricular activities.
  • Don’t wait for others to ask for help, rather make an effort to help and assist others around you.
  • Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Focus on business development and bring in new business opportunities and become an asset for the company.
  • Become an expert in something and then people will turn to you for advise and help to solve problems.
  • Always be a team player.
  • Your your listening skills to connect with others.
  • Test your ideas and ideals through constructive conflict.
  • Network with others and build strong one-on-one relationships.
  • Share your success with others around you and make share the momentum that you are creating with others.
  • Do more than is written on your job description and expected of you.
  • Prove your value on a daily basis ad become an asset to the company.
  • Define and create a career plan and share it with your manager.
  • Be a silent influencer and keep people wondering what you are up to and curious.

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