Habits and behaviors of likable people

Likable habits and behavior
It is a mistaken belief that being a likable person comes from natural, unteachable traits that are only reserved for the lucky few – the good-looking, extremely sociable, and talented people. The truth is that being likable is actually up to you and something you can control. It’s all about emotional intelligence.

Have you ever been among a group of people who are talking about certain person and all you hear are this person being described as positive, respectable, and genuine. The reality about likable people is that they have certain habits. It is these habits that most of us strive for and try emulate.

It is easy to brand ourselves though social media to  boost our professional network, however there is no substitute for a charismatic personality. Let’s face it, everyone wants to be liked.

Here are few example of key behaviors and habits that emotionally intelligent people engage in that makes them so likable.

  • They listen and ask questions to show they are interested.
  • They put away their phones away and focus all of their energy on the conversation
  • They are genuine and honest people.
  • They always have a positive mental attitude.
  • They are patient people  and mange their time wisely.
  • They are always praising others in a genuine way.
  • They are always performing at least one good deed a day.
  • They never pass judgement and are open-mined making them more approachable and interesting.
  • They don’t have extroverted personalities and never seek attention.
  • They are reliable and consistent in the way they treat people.
  • They acknowledge failure and the lesson to be learned from it.
  • They are cognizant of their gestures, expressions, and tone of voice; and always use positive body language.
  • If something needs to be done, they don’t ask for help. They just do it.
  • They when it is time to talk and when it is time to listen.
  • They are always aware of how they converse with others and speak in a carefully disciplined and friendly tone.
  • They always leave a good first impression.
  • They always address people by their name whenever they see them.
  • They make sure to pay close attention to others in a conversation.
  • They always have smile on their face and make others feel good.
  • They have a good sense about when to open up and get personal with their problems and confessions.
  • They have the ability to maintain their composure under any circumstance.
  • They know how to balance their lives between passion and having fun.

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