Interview success and how to land a dream job

Job interview questions
It is critical when interviewing for a job that you make sure the hiring manager knows you have the skills for the job position and that you will be a good fit for the company. It is also important to convey your enthusiasm and excitement about the new job.

Here is some advise and tips on how to prepare for your next job interview and ace your job interview.

Make sure to show your passion for the new job – When interviewing for a new job be sure to express your excitement and enthusiasm for the new job and company. Before entering the interview, do your research about the company and job role and duties.

Make it clear how you can be a benefit to the employer and company – On your job interview explain how your previous work experience and skills can benefit the company and make a contribution to the company.

Offer clear and concise answers –  be sure to answer all questions properly, in  clear way and avoid any waffle.

Prepare specific stories to convey your accomplishments – Before going to the interview, prepare and think about past challenges you have faced in life and how faced up to these incidents and succeeded in overcoming them.

Dress for the interview – We already know dressing well makes a difference. Wear something that represents your culture or background.

Practice answering questions before going to interview – before you go to any interview, makes sure to do your research about the most common questions employers ask in job interviews and practice your responses to these questions.

Be aware of your body language – It is not all about how you answer your interviewers questions but also your body language. Sit upright and maintain direct eye contact.

Do your homework and research the company you going to interview  – Make sure you do some research and find out about the company and industry before you go to your interview.

Be sure to convey how much you want the job – Be counties of your body language and look the interviewer straight in the eye and tell him or her that you want to work for them and explain why you feel this way.

Don’t forget your manners – Be sure to convey your interest in the job. Thank your interviewer for their time and take a business card to follow-up after the interview.

Never be late – Make sure you arrive to your interview at least 5 – 10 minutes early.

Take a notebook with you – Ask your interviewer if he or she minds if you take notes and use your notebook to write questions you wish to ask your interviewer.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – During your interview ask how you compare to the ideal candidate and never be afraid to ask questions about the job, what is expected of you if you get the job, or about the company.

Always follow-up after your interview – Following your interview, don’t be afraid to write a thank you letter and detail any questions that wish to ask that could ask during the interview.

Prepare, practice and perform, will help you to succeed in any interview and land that dream job.


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