Productivity tips that are unproductive

Productivity tips

There are many experts and studies that offer us tips and advice on how to be more productive. Many of these tips actually work for most of us but not for everyone. There are however many productivity tips that are not only myths but also prevent you from getting your work done. The main explanations for this is that instead of boosting your effectiveness, they propose solutions whereby you organize your work and task in an unnatural and unproductive way.

Here are few common productivity tip and myths and how to fix them:

Never check you email first thing when you arrive at work – Checking you email first thing can ruin your daily schedule. This might be difficult in our fast-paced life and might even increase your anxiety. the solution for this is to check you email but only reply if it takes less than a few minutes. If need be reply with a simple answer to say that you have received the email and will reply later in the day in more details. Going through your email is actually a good thing and a good use of time. It give you time to think of a good response.

We always are told to do the most difficult task first – This seems good logic and strategy, however your hardest task might take more time than you think and, in turn, ruin your schedule. This approach might even deflate you hopes for a productive day. Instead, ease into your tasks and get your momentum going by doing simpler tasks. This will help you to free up the needed time for those more difficult tasks on your to-do list.

Organize your day and  create a master to-do list – It is a good idea to get all the things you need to do out of your head and on paper. But after you have made your list it might then be difficult to pick and choose  what you need to do first. The way to create a master list is to divide your list into actionable tasks and go further and put things in categories.

Everyone tells us to stop multitasking and focus – There are plenty of people who state that they are fully capable and masters of multitasking and are able to juggle multiple projects a once. I understand this because i am one of those people as long as I keep track of everything. Honestly, stress can be a goo things and make you more productive. The answer is if tone selective in the task you choose to do simultaneously.

The more hours you work, the more you will get done – More hours does not mean more will be accomplished. It is logical to pull an all-night at college or for you boss to ask you stay late. The reality is that more hours doesn’t equal more work, and in fact, longer hours usually leads to worse results, lower productivity, and an unhappy, less healthy you.

Our worst enemy is procrastination – Procrastination is seen as something we need to tackle and avoid. Most people think that doing nothing is viewed as a  waste o time.  It is true that procrastination can waste precious tie and make sure that your to-list never get done. Having said this, we must also remember that we need to give our bodies and mind a chance to recharge. If be banish procrastination. it might mean be causing more harm than good to your mental health.

Always make sure your workspace is clean and organized – Many professionals will tell you that in order to get your work done you need to have a clean and tidy desk with everything place. But this does not work for everyone. Research has shown that a mess y workspace might lead to  lower efficiency, but in some cases clutter might make people more efficient, help make decisions, and feel more creative. It all depend on the individual person.

Working from home or cafe can be unproductive – Working from home can be a challenge but it can also increase productivity. There are studies that have shown that background noise in cafe is good for creativity and helps people focus. In a nutshell, it all comes down to the individual and personal preferences.


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