Habits of Successful Persuasive People


You could be trying to persuade your boss to support and back you project or trying to persuade children to wash their hands after using the bathroom, one common things your will need is persuasion to succeed.

People with persuasive characteristics have the ability to get people around them to agree to their ideas, proposals and way of thinking. Not only do they persuade you to support and back their ideas, they also get you to like them personally.

There are many methods used by persuasive people to bring others to lean to their way of thinking and ideas. Here are some of the habits of remarkably persuasive people:

  • They understand and know their audience and use this to talk to them.
  • The can connect with others who then accept what they have to say.
  • They are always doing things to make sure other are happy.
  • They always remember to greet people by their name.
  • They listen and ask good questions to show that they care.
  • They all have and use positive body language and are aware of their gestures, expressions and voice tone.
  • They are able to communicate their ideas in a simple, clear, and concise way.
  • They are honest and genuine and people gravitate towards them.
  • They are always able to concede the point and admit that their point of is not perfect to show that they are open-minded.
  • They are curious about the world and the people with whom they interact with.
  • They are able to put their ideas forwards in the form of questions or thoughts.
  • They have the skill to understand and have empathy for others.
  • They use powerful imagery in their communication.
  • They are able to leave a strong first impression and link this to  thier body language.
  • They are able to act with patience and step back when required to do so.
  • They understand their power and make sure to use it sparingly and knowingly.
  • They communicate  clearly and use their voice effectively.
  • They are characteristically very pushy people and convey their ideas very assertively and confidently.
  • They are always smiling and know that people naturally mirror body language.
  • They are able to read others and respond accordingly depending on the given situation.

When you see any successful person, be assured that they incredibly good at persuading other people. They rely heavily on the emotional intelligence (EQ) skills of social awareness and self-management to bring people to their way of thinking. That’s why the ability to persuade is critical in any business or career.


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