The Key to Successful Leadership

Leadership SkillsTo be successful at running any business requires that you learn some fundamental lessons;  first, what it takes to be a leader and second, how to lead effectively.

You don’t have be a hero as a leader, rather to make sure you care. You need to be able to wake up every day, rain or shine, because you are excited about what you do and what you want to accomplish.

The difference between a good and bad leader is consistency. As long as you are consistent in your leadership ways and ability to create systematic processes to breed future leaders in your company, you will be successful. Make sure that you set expectations amongst your managers and future leaders that they are not perfect, but that they will give everything they can every day. As long as you strive to improve every day, by the end of the year you will see how much you have progressed.

The main goal of any leader is the ability to transform a vision into a reality.  Make sure that your vision is simple and clear so that any member of your team, if asked, could make the perfect elevator speech about the company vision. If you have a clear vision, will only give your employees the security and confidence that everything will work out and that they are part of a successful company. If all you are focused on is money, then just call it a day. Make sure the your goals, objective and vision is all about something worthy so that everyone around you believes in your vision and mission. Money will always follow from this point forward.

To succeed as a leader you need to create the right culture across all departments and division in the company. It is important to empower your employees to feel confident enough to step up and take responsibility. Successful leaders feel and are accountable for the success or failure of the company. Create an environment where employees see leadership as something to embrace.

Lead by example and live and breathe the success (even failures) of the company. To be a successful leader is not about the destination, rather is about the journey you take to get there. Take the time and focus your energy on your customers and employees. It is these two groups who will make you company succeed or fail.

The skills and talents required to be a good leader and guide your employees and team to success can be simple and anyone with the right focus can develop these skills.

Some of these skills include:

  • Assemble a dedicated team.
  • Never be afraid to over communicate.
  • Don’t assume that your team understand your goal and mission.
  • Be authentic and instill your personality and beliefs into the company.
  • Know your obstacles and plan around them.
  • Create a ‘team charter’ where you know where you are going and who you are.
  • Believe in your people and create a culture of confidence.
  • Share and dole out credit.
  • Keep your team engaged and excited about what they are doing.
  • Always remember to stay calm.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.”


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