How Aging Workers Can Stay Employable


Aging Workforce

Are you afraid that one day you will lose your job, get fired, or retrenched? You might be in a growing and stable industry, however you are now in your mid 50’s with no Plan B. If that day arrives and you are laid off or retrenched, do you think you will be face an uphill battle and struggle to find another job? Remember, older people find it more difficult to work jobs and stay unemployed for longer.

Don’t fear or have a panic attack. There are a number of thing you can do to prevent being laid off or retrenched and stay employable. Here are few ideas:

Try to predict the future and make the necessary adjustments – Is your immediate superior all of a sudden giving you the code shoulder? Has your supervisor declined invitations to lunch? Are there meeting being help and you are not invited? All these things are not very positive signs and you have to accept that something is brewing. Do you feel that your job position is becoming less important, or your influence at work is diminishing. If so, then this is the time to volunteer for more assignments and tasks. Get involved with the more projects that everyone in the workplace is talking about.

Connect and team up with younger colleagues – Everyone has get along with co-workers and more often than not, older employees get far too comfortable  interacting with those people who they started out with. It is important to connect with the younger generation  and clients.

Accept and be open to new experiences – Don’t be afraid to get of your comfort zone and try  new things and experiences. Take advantage of new experiences and opportunities to learn new skills and meet new people.

Brush up on your technology skills – If you don’t keep up-to-date with technology it will quickly show. In today’s working you need to be able to do it all and technology is one of those things that is changing rapidly. One day you are using a fax to send documents, then the next day you are sharing via the cloud. The thing to remember is that it is not always experience that counts.

Make sure to highlight your experience and never dwell on the past – Make sure that you are able to show how valuable you are and what you contribute to your job and company without sounding like you still living in the past and a different era.

Accept that you will have bosses that are younger than you but don’t act as a parent – Have you ever been to a doctor that is younger than you and pass some sort of comment or joke how young the doctor is? This is exactly what you ever want to do when you find out that the intern from a few year back is now returning as a manager. remember there is a clear difference between being a colleague with a younger worker and not being a parent to them. make sure you understand this because no one want to work with parents around.

See the change and adapt accordingly – Always be flexible to change in the workplace. We all know that job description change over time and how to adapt and accept these changes is important. Older workers are generally resistant to change and find it hard to adapt and accept these changes. Companies today rely on new ideas and innovative ways to deliver their product and services. Accept changes in the workplace. Keep in mind, you bosses are not looking for your opinion about the changes. Rather they are telling you how things are going be moving forward and either accept this or move on.

Build and maintain company and industry relations – Always keep up your professional friendships in your work life. This mean both internal and external because these relationships can be highly important during difficult times. Firstly, the friendships can bring in new clients, revenue, and ideas. Secondly, these friendships can enhance your company’s perception of the value you add and this can improve by the  of you by number and quality of your associations and affiliations.


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