6 Steps to working with your Teenage boy

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When our children become teenagers, often we say, where has our gentle darling gone? Teenagers are not always easy to deal with nor understand, especially boys. Here are a few tips to help.

Here are 6 suggestions of what you can do:

Talk to them.  Teenage boys tend to ignore people,, do not make the mistake of doing this back. Even if it is hard, ask questions and keeping talking, it is the way they will know you care.

Give them space. Boys wants other boys to hand out with all the time, give them this space. They have boundaries, they have a sense of what is right and wrong. So give them more freedom.

Offer advice. Teenage boys are know-it-alls. Truth be told they don’t. They always have some sort of problem they are trying to work out. Encourage trust and they will talk to you and ask for help.

Stay in control.  Do not let them use abusive language, or choose when curfew is. Being affectionate and talking about why his curfew is a certain time will elicit a different response to just saying NO.

Encourage him.  If he has a serious focus on a specific thing, this is your opportunity to engage with him. Ask about it, encourage him. He will then know you care. This will give him self-esteem and overall happiness.

Spend time with him.  Make sure this happens in a natural way. Boys shut of emotionally in these years as they don’t know how to deal with certain new stresses, like girls for example. Make sure you spend time together to get to talk and find out things about his life without snooping.



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