Questions to ask about Starting a Business

Start up Questions

When you decide to start a new business it is exciting however very daunting. Where do you begin? Here are a few questions you should be asking and seeking answers too.

  1. Should I make my business a private or public company or partnership or  a sole proprietorship?
  2. Where should my business be?
  3. How much should I capitalize my business?
  4. How likely will it be that I can get financing?
  5. How much in share ownership of my company should I give up to investors in my business?
  6. How big should a stock option pool for employees be?
  7. How can I get a venture capitalist to listen to me?
  8. How do I choose a great name for my business?
  9. What are the biggest challenges with starting a business?
  10. What kind of business should I have?
  11. What are the biggest mistakes made by entrepreneurs?
  12. How can I protect my ideas?
  13. Do I need a lawyer?
  14. How can I obtain the name I want?
  15. How can I drive traffic to my website?
  16. What do I do to check that someone has not already started my idea?
  17. How do I create a business plan?
  18. Where can I get money for my business?
  19. What permits, licenses or registrations do I need?
  20. What do I need to worry about in hiring an employee?
  21. What kind of records do I need to keep for my business?
  22. What kind of insurance does my business need?
  23. How should equity be divided?
  24. What online resources are helpful for learning more about starting a business?

Now you are ready to start that fabulous business of yours! You are armed with all the right information; you have done your research. Now have fun!


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