Mistakes Parents Make with Teens

Parenting advice

We have all been teenagers. Here are a few pointers that could make your life much easier having teenagers in the house.

Lecture Rather Than Discuss: We want our teens to grow into responsible adults able to make wise decisions. Teens need to know they are safe in knowing that their parents are there, but not suffocating them.

Ignore the Obvious: Take notice of unusual behavior and talk before it is too late.
Not Following Through on Rules and Consequences: Always make sure your teens know what the consequences are for breaking rules and ensure that you follow through with the rules.

Setting Unreasonable Goals: Set expectations that allow the child to succeed based on his or her abilities.

Pointing out Only the Negative: The best rule is for every negative there are three positive comments. This will ensure that your child will not give up and will strive to succeed.

Leaving the Educating up to “Someone Else”:  We learn most of our habits from our parents so you need to show your children what is wrong and right and set guidelines as to what is correct.

Giving Up on Family Time: Make time for your children on a daily basis to keep communication open. Parents who spend time with their children will be more aware of changes in their demeanor and behavior.

Assume Good Grades Mean No Other Problems: A smart kid who does well in school may be able to maintain good grades even though they are drinking or using drugs. Do not write off other signs of trouble just because the grades are not slipping.

Not Taking the Time to Know What Is Up with Adolescents: It is a good idea to know the Internet and other cultural influences that may affect your child and influence their decision-making.

Giving Up Too Soon: Most teens who have already figured out creative ways to get what they want will not stop after one attempt to change their behavior. Be consistent.


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