12 Tips to help you interview with success.

Job interview questions

When interviewing for a new position the interview process can often be very daunting. Here are 12 steps to help you in an interview that should lead you on your way to success.

Research the company – Always make sure you have done your research on the company you are going for an interview with.

Learn about the people who will interview you – Find out who will be interviewing you and then do some research about that person on LinkedIn or Google.

Pay attention to your grooming and attire – Always go into an interview looking like a professional.

Bring your business card to every interview – Taking a business card with you enables you to swap information with the interviewer so you can send them a thank you message so that you may stay top of mind.

Arrange cards in front of you – If there are multiple people at the table, arrange their cards in front of you in the order in which they are seated, and glance down briefly during your discussion if you forget someone’s name.

Give a firm handshake – Always give a strong handshake as this will show a strong personality but do not go overboard.

Always maintain eye contact – When you look down or away from a person with whom you are conversing, it appears that you are disinterested, bored, or even projecting a sense of inadequacy. Show your engagement by looking at the person across the table.

Answer what is asked – Before you begin to answer any question, think for a moment to make sure you are addressing the question that the interviewer posed, rather than trying to fit your own talking points into the conversation.

Be Concise – Always go straight to the point and do not waffle on about things that are of no importance.

Never bad mouth – Never say anything at all negative about any person or employer as this could leave the interviewer wondering what you would say about them.

Don’t ask about things you should already know – It is up to you to do your research about the company ahead of the interview. You show that you are unprepared if you ask something you could have easily found out by yourself.

Don’t waste time with questions that don’t matter – Keep your questions focused on the role to be filled and ways you can be a standout employee.

These 12 tips should help lead to your success in finding that new perfect role for you.


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