One Must Know Ones Strengths to Succeed

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Did you know more than 40% of out of a case study of the 6,500+ respondents answered “No” to the following questions:

The questions touch on helping people identify what they’re fabulous at, what they care about deeply, how they stand apart from others, the types of people, outcomes and environments they like best, and what they want to have stood for and achieved when they’re at the end of their lives looking back. Pretty important stuff, right?

The question that baffles more people than any other is this one: “What are you great at?” So many professionals simply don’t know. The challenge with this vagueness is that if you don’t know what you’re great at, you won’t be great! Why? Because building a great career demands that you know how you want to be of service in the world, and what you’re passionate about. And it demands that you develop an expertise that will serve others. It is our passion projects that fuel fabulous work. How can you figure out what you’re great at?

Answer these 10 questions as a start:

  1. What have been the 10 greatest accomplishments and achievements you’ve made in life?
  2. What about your personal history, upbringing, family life, culture, etc. has given you a unique perspective on life?
  3. Think about the EARLY you – What did you absolutely love to do ?
  4. What comes easily and naturally to you that others struggle with?
  5. What has made teachers, parents, friends and colleagues remember and praise you?
  6. Has there been one defining moment or period in your life  that significantly shaped your future?
  7. What values do you hold dear?
  8. What are the areas in which you’ve received special training?
  9.  What do you love doing and being?
  10. Where have you make the biggest difference in someone’s life?

Take time to think about these questions, and write down your answers. Then take a good long, hard look at your work. Is it a good match with who you really are and what makes you special and great? If not, do something about it.

When you use your greatness to help others, you’re finally be making the difference you’re meant to.  The success and fulfillment you long for will come to you only when you can recognize greatness in yourself and share it.


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