How to Answer, ‘Have You Ever Been Fired?’

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Asking if you have been fired in a job interview can be one of the most daunting questions to be asked. We have all been in a position where this don’t always go according to plan. Things such as company culture or lack of support could be a reason for being fired but how do you talk about this in an interview? These are some tips to help you answer the question with no negativity and honestly.

Process Your Thoughts – Always examine the details of what happened and write it down. Another thing you have to do is deal with things that make you nervous before you go into the interview. Talk things over with a friend so you are clear and honest about what happened.

Talk To Your References – Always talk to the people you are putting down as references so you know what they will say about you and will have a detailed description of your accomplishments. Another thing to do that will be incredibly hard to do is give the employer who let you go a call and let him know you have learnt from your termination and find out what he might say if they were contacted. This may ensure that they do not speak badly about you to new employees.

Show How You Have Grown From the Experience – Think about positive aspects that you have learnt from the experience and focus on those. Talk about how your experience has turned you into a better leader and state that you have realized where you went wrong and now you know how to fix those mistakes.

Script Your Answer – Once you have gone through the above process write down and learn what your answer would be. This will help ensure that you are calm in the interview and ready for any questions thrown your way. Try move the conversation towards your successes and the new position.

If the interviewer does not bring it up neither should you. But make sure you never lie or speak badly about anyone in your past company. Always keep things positive and point out how you have learnt from your past experiences, this will always lead to success.


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