Tips to Stay Productive in a Spontaneous Life

Spontaneous productivity

Everyone knows the importance of having a balanced life. You do not have to be all work and no play all the time. There are ways to be productive while still living a spontaneous life. These are some tips to help you live a balanced but productive life.

Productive Partying – Focusing on new experiences helps to re-energize you and increase your productivity.

Time Management’s Dirty Secret – Time management can help to a certain extent, but no one wants to become a human robot. Doing fun activities that are outside of your normal routine can often help relax you more than scheduling time to relax all the time.

Combining Activities – Doing varied activities using different muscles will often help you stay focused and engaged in whatever task you are completing.

Complete Engagement – Productivity will always be affected if you are not enjoying the work you are doing. You need to be doing things that are meaningful to you as well as enjoy what you are doing to ensure complete engagement and productivity.

Varied Activities and Engagement Creates Energy

Here are some practical suggestions for injecting productivity into a spontaneous life:

  • Know Thy Results
  • Sign Up for New Experiences
  • Know the Motivation
  • Realize the Law of Diminishing Returns
  • Use Daily Goals
  • Work First
  • Watch Your Muscles
  • Get Your Priorities Straight
  • Kill Boredom

These tips will show you that spontaneity can always increase productivity while reducing stress and ensuring you always live a well-balanced life.


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