Inappropriate and Bad Mobile Behavior

Mobile Phone Etiquette

The ways in which people use their mobile phones are changing daily. No longer are these phones just used to place calls — people now use them to edit documents, watch TV and keep up with their friends on Facebook. As people use their phones more often, mobile phone behavior has changed.

Here are a few things to avoid:

Avoid phone rings in meeting – Survey undertaken by Intel found that phones ringing in meeting to be the most offensive and annoying thing.

Leave your personal social networking for your private time – Never engage in non-work related social networking during a meeting. You are at work and home.

Place your mobile off the table – Expert etiquette expert, Anna Post, states that placing your mobile phone on a boardroom or dinner table is distracting and sends out the wrong signal.

Never ignore face to face networking – At business or social events you should network with people in the room not on your mobile device. Using your mobile in a social setting is a sign of disrespect and a sign that you are unavailable and uninterested.

Never text during meals – Meals are not the time to be sitting with your heads in your phone and texting. It just signals that you uninterested and a sign of disrespect.

Avoid load public personal calls – No one is interested or want to hear your personal calls and life.

Always use headphone in public areas – Never listen to music or watch movies without headphone in the office, bus, restaurant, or airport.

Turn off that distracting vibration – During a meeting it is advisable to keep your phone on silent. Don’t just turn of the sound.

Delete all loud and obnoxious ring tones – A sure way to alienate yourself is to use ear-splitting ring volumes, inappropriate ring tones or grating rings.

Filter your screen in public areas – If you are suing a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone and don’t have a filter, always be aware of who is looking over your shoulder especially if you are working with sensitive information or inappropriate material.


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