Why No Experience Will Land You That Dream Job

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Life changes and choosing to change career paths into a new field can be daunting when you know nothing about it. Do not fear, sometimes having no experience in the field can make you very valuable. Always look at it as an opportunity even though it is very intimidating.

If you have decided that this is the career you want to do , pursue it. Use your lack of experience as an asset and enhance your value by stating that because you do not have all the years of experience it gives you an opportunity to grow within the industry.

The “sure thing” sometimes isn’t always the best thing for you or the people hiring you; the person with no experience but with passion and drive can be just as valuable.

It may be scary to jump ship from what is expected of you to what you want to do with no experience and in a world where “things have always been done this way,” you come in with a fresh perspective and look at the industry from a different angle.

Here are the three reasons why inexperience is an asset:

  • You See Things Differently From The Bottom
  • Innovative Thinking Is More Important Than Ever
  • Because Others Have Done It – And It Worked!

It’s that drawing on different experiences that makes coming into a completely new field so valuable. You’re not inexperienced and uniformed, but bring a different perspective in the way you think. As a new set of eyes, your assets are your soft skills – your critical thinking, understanding of strategy and people, and your creativity. Use them and make them work for you in ways that the industry probably hasn’t seen before. Constantly be open to innovation and new views and you will always find a way to succeed.


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