Procrastination prevention tips


Procrastination is a terrible habit that we develop and once it has developed it is very hard to stop. In order to prevent procrastination we need to have impeccable self-discipline. Here are some guides to help you stop procrastinating and just go for it.

We only have the present

Remember that there is only today and what you do today determines who you are tomorrow. When you procrastinate it adds to tomorrow and can turn it into a mess. Think about that advert you saw for your dream job and thought “I will do it later” and when you came back a while later the applications were closed and you missed your chance. By preventing procrastination you also relieve stress by not adding to the work you have. Once you get used to doing a task as you get it you will start a flow and you will break the habit of procrastination.

When will there be another time?

We all have that line “I will start on Monday”. Why? Do it as you think of it because once you start that process of pushing your tasks out further and further it becomes a pattern in your life and eventually you will never get anything done. No more excuses you don’t need them.

Task done = Relief

Once you start doing those tasks you have been pushing away it will be as if someone has taken that massive weight that has been sitting on your shoulders and thrown it away. The feeling of freedom you receive from finally getting all those tasks out the way is so uplifting it will push you to do it more often and once again start to you rid you of your procrastination habits.

Don’t give up

If the above steps don’t seem to be working, then create a daily to-do list and on every list write those tasks. Once you start seeing that task every day on your list you will eventually do it. Most importantly do not take it off your list until you have succeeded and completed the task.

Think About the Repercussions

If all of these steps fail you think about the negative side of not completing these tasks. Think about the stress it will cause or the possible bad reviews from employers and co-workers. Think about how it could have an effect on you in the future and possible employment.

That is why action is important. Talking, planning, discussing are not actions. They won’t move anything. Only in doing, things get completed. You want to prevent procrastination. Do it NOW, on your own. No one can do it for you. There is power in action and that power can be used to stop procrastinating.


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