The Importance of Having References Ready

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It is vital to have your professional documents and references on hand. So many job candidates forget this important step. Being prepared is what success is all about. Here are some important things to note in this regard.

It is critical that all your professional documents are up to date and ready to go. This includes your references from you career. If someone called you today for a great opportunity, would you have these important documents handy or are you going to now have to scramble???

Preparation is a key to success in your career progression. Invest effort and time to decide who you would like to use as a referral. Meet that person, update them on your career. Ask if they would do you a written reference or a telephonic one needed. Ask that persons advise about what you could improve on. Give her or him an updated copy of your CV.

You should aim to have at least 3 references listed at the end of your CV with their contact information as well as how you know them. It is recommended to always stay in touch with your past Colleagues so that you have up to date information as well as informing them of your progress through your career.

If you stay up to date and follow the above process, your references will be ready to go and you will have a rough idea of what will be said about you to your new prospective employers. Another upside is if your references know that you are looking for new career opportunities they may be able to swing some your way.


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